Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park

After yesterday’s post on my favourite things to do in London at Christmas, I thought I’d share one of the most iconic things to do in the city at this time of year over the last decade – Winter Wonderland.


Jack had never been, and since we were in London, it seemed right to. We saved this part of our trip for the evening as despite knowing it would be busier in the dark, we’d be able to view the lights in all their glory. So we braved the 20 minute queue to get it (which was bizarre to me as every other time I’ve been I’ve just walked straight in) and I had a great time.

Filling my belly with mulled wine, and Jack filling his with Baileys Hot Chocolate (see my recipe here), we took a wander around the stalls and a look at the rides. And we couldn’t resist going on the rollercoaster with 5 loops…yes, five. He bought doughnuts and I complained about sore feet. Basically this is mostly a photography post because there isn’t a lot to say about it that you can’t see for yourself. Not that the pictures do it justice, which is a real shame (I also sort of forgot to take a lot because I was too busy being in awe of the sights, whoops). You’ll just have to visit to see the magic for yourself!






If you’re still not convinced by my photos, think of the Christmas gifts you can get (food and decorations are a big favourite, as well as them having a Winter Wonderland store with tons of soft toys which I was very tempted by). If you can get to London before the 2nd of January then I definitely recommend it, and help them celebrate their tenth year in Hyde Park.

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