Why Blogging Friendships Are So Important

I’ve been online every day since I was 11. That’s half of my life talking to strangers on the internet. In fact, one of my best friends from the age of 16-19 was a girl I met on twitter! Since starting blogging I’ve spoken to probably hundreds of bloggers, and it’s thanks to them that my blog is where it is today.


There are so many reasons why blogging friendships are so important and this is basically just a rambly post professing my love for some of my fave girls who I could not get through the day without having a chat to.

You know when you just need some solid advice but there’s noone to turn to? Bloggers have always got your back. Whether it’s love, work or blogging help required, someone always has the answer. So many of my best blog tips are those that have been shared by other bloggers, such as from Hayley or Caitlin when it comes to photography (seriously, they’re the best in the biz). If I’m never not sure how to deal with a brand I can always rely on someone to give me a hand, and I definitely put a number of my recent blogging successes down to the advice I’ve been given by other bloggers.

And if you need a shoulder to cry on, there’s always someone there. We all have down days and you can guarantee that someone online will make you feel 100 times better. When I need a pick me up I know I can whip out my phone, tap out a quick whatsapp message and someone will send me a funny meme to cheer me up within 3 minutes. This is what dreams are made of.


To be honest, the most important thing I want in a friend is someone to bitch to, and Katie is my favourite person for that. If anybody read our private chats we’d probably be shot but it’s so necessary in a friend. We are awful people. But sometimes you just need someone to rant about, especially in the blogging world. Why did they get that PR sample but I didn’t? and They’re so annoying I wish they’d fall off the face of the internet is basically the gist of most of my conversations with other bloggers. I promise I am nice really.

Most people in my life don’t know that I blog and blogging is a pretty solitary hobby if you are alone. Every single day I talk to the people I’ve mentioned today and a few others (shoutout to Corinne, Carrie, Sharon and Saloca) and I don’t think I could hack blogging three times a week without them cheering me up and getting me out of the eternal slump I seem to be. I don’t even consider them to be blogging friends anymore, I consider them to be simply friends.


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