Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been? | Essential Twenty

About a week and a half ago I got back from 24 days gallivanting around Europe, and whilst I had planned not to write anything whilst I was away, I accidentally took an extended blogging break. I had written some posts and scheduled them to go live whilst I was on my trip, but none of them posted (they’re all live now so you can take a peek at my latest reviews). But having this accidental-but-sort-of-on-purpose break has done some wonderful things for me.

I’ve come back from my trip with a lot of new content to write about – simply because when you spend almost £2000 on a trip you end up with a lot to write about. I mean, it’s a good thing I did so much cool stuff when I was away because I now can’t afford to buy theatre tickets for a little while! Although don’t fret, I’ve got a couple of shows in the diary that I had planned before I went away.

Whilst I was travelling around, my mum began working from home half of the week which means I finally have a desk to blog from! We’ve always had a computer and a desk but it really wasn’t functional for me to write at. I’ve spent the past couple of days glued to the space as my parents have gone on holiday and it’s pretty perfect for me. Now I have a double screen setup (hello, Netflix!) and plenty of actual desk space which I can use evenings and weekends; I’m hoping it’ll keep me that little bit more motivated as I’ll be away from the distractions of my bedroom. Which, at the moment, is a huge distraction as travelling has made me realised that I can actually be quite minimalist and my room is just full of clutter. All I want to do is clear everything out!

In terms of my life, a few things have happened. Whilst I took my break, Jack picked up to the keys to his new house. He’s moving to the Midlands to start a new job in September which means I’ll be able to visit new theatres and new cities without it taking up half my day. Stratford-Upon-Avon, I’m coming for you!

Where Have I Been? | Essential Twenty

I somehow also hit my third blog anniversary; not sure where that time went! It wasn’t a celebration, but I’m just amazed I managed to get this far. Next month when I’m back into the swing of blogging – and hopefully having a good number of posts prewritten for September as I go back to work in a couple of weeks – I’m planning on having a bit of a site revamp. I’m hoping to get back into Pinterest and Instagram, and maybe even start producing content that is a little more ‘me’ aside from the theatre reviews.

Last week I headed to London for the first time in over a month – definitely the longest I’ve gone since last year – to catch Matt Cardle in Strictly Ballroom The Musical after he took over the role of Wally from Will Young. Over the weekend I caught The German Girls and Spamilton, and on Sunday I hung out with some theatre pals for the first ever West End Picnic, as organised by Aeron and Nicole before going to the first anniversary concert for Refresh. On Wednesday I’m finally seeing Les Miserables on stage (I am a bad theatre fan for never having seen it before, I know) and the following week I have a couple more stagey things planned and I get to see two of my best friends for the first time in ages. I think I’m going to have a great time during my last two weeks off work!

But if I’m honest, I have really missed blogging. I’ve missed running (lol, definitely not running) home from events and shows and being able to write about it but there is no way I could’ve carried my laptop around Europe alongside everything else I had with me. I’m definitely considering buying a Chromebook so that I’m not lugging my laptop everywhere like I do currently.

I feel like this was a very mish-mash post but I just needed to get something written to get me back into the swing of it. Fun fact: this was written on a train going back and forth to London, like most of my blog posts prior to having desk access. Nothing new there then!

I hope you’ve all been having a brilliant summer (and not melting too much – not that there’s a risk of that this week). I’m back ladies and gents!

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