What’s In My Loyalty Card Stash

The other day, I was having a sort through of my purse and whilst binning endless receipts (I hate having to save receipts because I hate seeing how much money I’ve spent), I thought I could make a blog post about it.

Loyalty Cards Collection

My purse is a sort of Aladdin’s cave of loyalty cards, many of which have expired, but I always like to see what other people have to see what I’m missing out on. Most of mine are actually loyalty cards to bars, but I swear I don’t have a drink problem!

I’m going to start with my favourite loyalty card – Boots. I’ve had my Boots advantage card for probably going on 8 years and it’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve racked up the points. I’m a cheapskate when it comes to spending money on other people and actually managed to buy both my dad and brother their Christmas presents with my advantage card points alone. They also do some incredible deals for advantage card holders, and earning 4 points per pound spent minimum mean that you can save up for that lipstick you’ve been eyeing up very quickly. Another beauty card I use a lot is the Superdrug card. Sure, the point earning isn’t as lucrative (only 1 point per pound spent) but they do some incredibly member only deals such as buy one get two free deodorant etc. They also accept NUS extra cards and give students 10% off so I tend to buy essentials from Superdrug. My least used beauty based loyalty card is my Space NK N.dulge card, simply because my nearest Space NK is a train journey away in Leeds and I’d rather shop around myself than order online. I think the only thing I’ve ever bought from Space NK is Nars Laguna well over a year ago. My newest addition to my loyalty card stock is my Sephora Beauty Insider card. I believe I have around 150 points on it which is pretty good going since I didn’t think I spent that much when I was in America, but I’m sure I’ll be putting in an online order soon and racking up the points some more.

Loyalty Cards Beauty

One of my other frequently used cards is my Costa card. I can never remember the amount of points you get per pound (I want to say 10 but I can’t remember) but it doesn’t take me long to earn a free cup of tea from there. Waiting for me on my Nandos Card is a free meal as for every day that you go in and spend £7 or more, you get a chilli. Chillis mean meals. It’s an incredibly simple system, and definitely a card you need to have if you like your chicken. The Tortilla card is very similar and whenever I go to Leeds Trinity, I head to Trinity Kitchen and buy myself a Burrito from Tortilla, earning me a point. Each point is one step closer to free chips and salsa, and when I hit 10 points I get a free burrito. I also have a card which I can earn points at my SU’s new partner bar which is a place called The Warehouse. I’ve been going to Warehouse since my first year of uni, and it’s probably the best card I have in terms of freebies. You earn 10 points for every £1 you spend on both food and drink, including alcohol, and every 200 points are changed to £2 to spend. I currently have £10 and 20 points on my card, so that’s a meal or two in there because it’s very student budget friendly. Every other month they seem to do an offer where if you go four times in a month, they’ll put 500 points (£4 + 100 points) on your card to spend the following month. They also have started doing double points if you go in on a Monday so you rack them up so quickly. They belong to a group called Scream so it’s worth getting a card if you have one nearby (I know it’s called The Graduate in York) and go out a lot.

Loyalty Cards Food

Other cards which are sort of food related are my Nectar Card and Clubcard. I used Virgin Trains regularly and before Virgin took over East Coast, East Coast had their own reward system. When Virgin took over, you could convert your points to Nectar points so I think from only having a card for about 6 months, I’ve saved over £10 worth which can be spent on anything from food in Sainsbury’s to days out. I use my Clubcard less frequently, simply because Sainsbury’s is more convenient for me to get to, but it’s worth saving the points. I also usually keep my railcard in my purse but I’m not sure where it is right now which is sort of worrying (hopefully it’s at my boyfriend’s) and I will probably need it soon.

My Showcase Cinema Insider card isn’t used too often anymore, only because even with this card, it isn’t much cheaper to go to the cinema. I used to use it all the time as my mum and I would go to the cinema every Tuesday when my dad and brother were out and see film previews. However, I’ve not done that for maybe three years now and I think I’ve used my card twice since I’ve been at uni (it’s an Odeon here).

My expired cards include two for a bar called Revolution (one from my first year of uni and one from my second year), one for a bar called Rock Café which I’ve never been into, one for our old SU partner bar, one for Chiquito, one for a local coffee shop, an NUS extra card (which I really need a renew) and a Love Your Body card from The Body Shop as I’m yet to pick up one of their new loyalty cards.

Naturally I also keep my ID, my student card, and my debit cards in but they’re standard and I’m sure you don’t care too much about them. I am honestly the worst for collecting cards and filling my purse to the brim, so I do have to empty it regularly. I guess I should bin the expired cards but the memories! As you can tell, I am a member of more loyalty schemes than I probably should be but as a student, I need to save all I can and earning points is how I justify spending money.

What loyalty schemes do you think are the best out there? And where do you think needs a loyalty scheme? I’m definitely an advocate for lush loyalty card because I’d earn so many points and freebies there!

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PS. I just found a Paperchase card at the bottom of my bag which I didn’t even realise I had but hopefully it’ll lead to free stationery! I don’t even remember signing up for this, which is how bad I am.

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