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Weekend Away Essentials | Essential Twenty
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Last weekend was the first bank holiday of the year (I don’t count New Year’s Day as I’m still in Christmas mode then; aren’t we all?) and over the next month we have two more. This basically gives us an excuse to have long weekends away with our nearest and dearest, for which packing is a nightmare. But having spent various weekends away from home at Jack’s over the past 9 months or so, I’m pretty certain I’ve got my packing skills down. So today I’m chatting all about my weekend away essentials.

First up is something to keep you entertained whilst you’re travelling. I personally reach for a book or pull out my blog plans, usually the latter if I’m on a train with a table seat. Sure, weekends are for getting away from work but it’s the prime time for me to get some blogging done! If you’re a little more cramped for space then a book or a magazine is always a winner, plus television catch up is always an option. None opf these are necessarily great for saving space on your travels, but at least it keeps you entertained!

If you’re only away for a few days, you don’t want to be packing your entire skincare regimen. I mean, you’re probably only taking what is considered as ‘hand luggage’ and skincare takes up a lot of space. I use weekends away as my chance to get through my excessive stash of samples. These sample sized sachets take up minimal space in a suitcase, and you finally get through the collection that inevitably builds up as a beauty addict.

Weekend Away Essentials | Essential Twenty

Another space saving favourite of mine is taking smaller versions of your favourite perfumes. Sure, when you buy perfume you don’t get a whole lot of product, but the bottles can be pretty bulky. I have a pretty large stash of perfume samples which I’m trying to work my way through, but another favourite option of mine is to get smaller sizes of my favourite perfumes. These perfume sets from Clive Christian contain 10ml of product per perfume, which is the perfect size for multiple weekends away!

My final tip for this post is to pack light. Don’t pack 4 pairs of shoes if your only plan is to chill in a cottage somewhere. Don’t pack a ball gown if the fanciest place you’ll be going to is a gastropub. If it’s going to be freezing cold, don’t waste your time (and valuable space) packing a pair of shorts. It’s just one weekend away, usually no more than 4 days; think sensibly when you pack!

What are your weekend away essentials? I love learning about new tips and tricks to pack light, and to have the best weekend I can!

*This post was written in collaboration with Clive Christian, but all tips (and opinions) are my own.
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