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Tina The Musical | Essential Twenty

Sometimes you just get into a ping pong match about potential collaborations and you’re in the right place at the right time. This happened to me about ten days ago and I ended up at Tina The Musical. The life and times of Tina Turner, as told by the legend herself.

I knew very little of Tina’s early days. I knew she was born in Nutbush; I knew she was married to a man named Ike; I knew she sang River Deep, Mountain High before her rockier days. However, I believed her birth name was Tina; I assumed she had a fairly straightforward transition from being in a group to performing solo, and I had no idea of the real extent of the abuse she suffered throughout her life. Tina The Musical lets the world in on very private moments of Tina Turner’s life, and uses her music to show where she was in her life at each moment. If you have seen Jersey Boys, this musical works in a very similar way.

Whilst each member of the cast is talented in their own rights, I cannot possibly ignore the greatness that is Adrienne Warren, playing the title role in this theatrical spectacle. A Tony Nominee as a featured actress in Shuffle Along, it’s no surprise that she was given the nod. Whilst I haven’t seen that much of Tina Turner over my relatively short life (I’m pretty sure I was one of the youngest people there), from what I am aware of, Adrienne did a wonderful job at portraying her. I genuinely felt like I was a concert by the end of the show, which was a much needed ending after the emotional rollercoaster I endured watching her life rolled into two hours. Is it too early to say that I think we have an Olivier nominee on our hands?

When I first heard about Tina The Musical, I wondered why it was launched in London, as opposed to her birth-country of the USA or perhaps her country of citizenship – Switzerland. Tina Turner may have been raised in America, but without the help of the gents at Abbey Road Studios, she may not have been the artist we all know her to be today. And that’s why it make sense that the production begins here. And I feel honoured to have been a part of the preview period thanks to London Box Office and Encore Tickets .

The ticket prices may seem steep for likes of me (I’m all about quantity over quality when it comes to theatre tickets), but you get a real show with this production and it’s well worth the money. And if you’re still unsure about paying the prices, Tina The Muscial is offering a rolling lottery where you can apply for £15 tickets two weeks in advance, and find out a few days before the show if you’ve been successful.

Tina Turner is the queen of rock and roll, and it’s no wonder her story is selling out the Aldwych, just as Carole King’s story did before. If you’re ready for a night of heartbreak and uplift then you’ll love an evening with Tina. Go on, treat yourself!

Tina The Musical is currently playing at the Aldwych Theatre, and is booking until October 2018.

(Oh, and just a little constructive criticism if any of the creative team or theatre staff are reading this: please ask your ushers to stop moving around to so much in the stalls during the performance. It’s really distracting and the cash/keys/whatever that’s jangling in their pockets as they walk is really obvious in moments of silence, and is definitely a big pet peeve)

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