Supporting Shows & Actors Beyond The Obvious

Supporting Shows & Actors Beyond The Obvious | Essential Twenty

If you’re a theatre fan, it’s very easy to get yourself caught up in a certain show, cast or individual actors. Believe me, I’ve been there (especially with the original London cast of The Book of Mormon). But sometimes you find yourself wanting to support them a little more, and there are loads of easy ways to do this.

Revisit The Show

If you love a particular show, make a return visit. Shows can only stay open if there is the demand for it, as they’ve got to pay a whole host of people. If the tickets aren’t selling, they won’t be making enough money to pay the huge team of people it takes to put on a show. Think about it: a production is more than just the handful of people you see on stage. It’s the backstage crew, the technicians, the front of house team, alongside any rent that requires paying to the theatre, advertising costs etc. A show, especially one on the West End or Broadway, can have costs running into the millions. It can sometimes take years to reap the costs back, and most shows rack up a huge debt. By revisiting a show that you’ve loved, you can keep a show open which means keeping the cast and crew employed, and this shows real support for the people you adore.

Treat Yourself To Merchandise

I don’t buy a lot of merchandise, and I’ll discuss why at a later date because my opinions on merch require more than just a sentence in this post, but if you love a show why not buy some bits to show your support. Carrying around a bag with a show on it or maybe wearing a tshirt with some lyrics on it can get people asking questions. Plus, any money the shows make from merchandise can go straight back into the show.

Supporting Shows & Actors Beyond The Obvious | Essential Twenty

Support Solo Endeavours

You’ll often find that cast members try to get themselves out their as much as possible. Despite acting being their day job, they might be making appearances or producing solo content. For example, Rob Houchen is best known for his role in Les Mis a few years ago, but recently he’s set up West End Does, he’s released a couple of albums and been performing in concerts all over London. Carrie Hope Fletcher may be about to star in Heathers but she has a YouTube channel, is an author and released an album earlier this year. Solo concerts are a brilliant way to show your support for an individual, and it’s something that I need to do a little more. The Sunday of West End LIVE is sure to feature some brilliant solo performances and is yet another way to support individuals.

Tell Them

The West End is quite fortunate in the fact that the majority of the actors will come to the stage door after the show to meet and greet anybody who is hanging around after the show, and it’s mostly pretty unguarded (unless a big celebrity is in the show, and then there may be security or fencing). If you have time after seeing the show and want to tell actors in person about how much you enjoyed the show or how great you thought they were, then this is a great way to do it. It’s important to remember than the actors do not owe you anything and are not contractually obliged to go to the stage door. It is not your right to meet them after the shows, so please don’t be abusive after over social media after. They might have somewhere to be, or simply be too exhausted after an 8 show week to stop. You don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors! If you don’t get to meet the actor you wanted to for any reason, you can always tweet them or the show and say how much you enjoyed your time.

There are so many ways to show your support to actors or to shows, and they love any support they can get!

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