I Hate Social Media

I Hate Social Media | Essential Twenty

Social media engagement is at an all time low. Everyone is moaning about stagnant followers and zero likes on anything, and I think we’ll all a little demotivated when it comes to blogging. I’m pretty exhausted when it comes to social media to be honest, and there’s so many reasons why.

My twitter followers are pretty steady, although the increase isn’t there like it used to be. Sure, I gain a fair few more with twitter giveaways but nothing noteworthy (although side note: I do have a giveaway live right now). Instagram is stupidly fickle. I don’t understand growth, I don’t understand engagement and I just don’t understand what I’m supposed to do to make people happy on there. And don’t even get me started on Pinterest. Perhaps the hardest platform to grow, I find my blog views increase if I share my pins in a variety of Facebook groups but my Pinterest followers remain the same. 

What I’m finding difficult is all the algorithms. The popular stay popular whilst us small-medium sized influencers are stuck in a rut. It’s so difficult to find new social accounts, meaning that I’m not finding new blogs to read (despite the blogosphere growing by the hour), new instagram accounts to follow and new twitter pages to stalk. I want to read about what people are up to, and it’s nigh-on impossible! I hate it.

Basically, social media sucks. But whilst we sit complaining that nothing is growing, are we following new people? Are we engaging? Are we liking, commenting and sharing? No, we’re not. So I’m making an effort to be more engaging on social media from next week because my follower count can’t look any worse than it already does! 

Hit me up with your favourite accounts, be it twitter or instagram, or even your top pinterest board recommendations, because I want to be someone supporting growth in the community, even if every aspect of social media is absolute crap right now.

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