Snacking on Insects

I am a serial snacker. I love chocolate, crisps, cakes, sweets and cereal bars, and they’re not all that healthy. I like healthy snacks such as cucumber and carrot sticks, but they’re not quite as satisfying as heaps of sugar.


I was given the opportunity to try out Crobar by Gathr*, I jumped at it. I needed to find a new snack alternative and this one came with a difference. The difference: cricket flour.

Crickets are a food source that I’d only ever really heard about on I’m A Celebrity for a bushtucker trial. Not something that I’d probably reach for if I was in the supermarket, but I’m open to trying new things.


The difference between using crickets instead of beef for a protein source is that 80% of the animal is digestible rather than 40% of cattle. Crickets also only require 8% of the about of feed that a cow would to produce the same amount of meat. Let’s just say, reading all the statistics it’s a wonder that cricket flour hasn’t been used more regularly since it’s just seems better for the environment, and better for the body.

I was sent two flavours – peanut & cricket flour, and cacao & cricket flour. I love peanuts and chocolate so in theory these are definitely two flavours I could get behind. However, on trial, these aren’t for me. They’re very similar to Nakd bars which I know a lot of people like, but I personally don’t. The texture and smell just doesn’t sit right with me. These are incredibly similar and I think my main issue is the dates – I just don’t like dates!


However, if you’re a big fan of Nakd bars and aren’t vegetarian or vegan, I think you could definitely gain a lot from trying these. I could definitely see people throwing these in their gym bag for a quick post-workout protein fix which is great for recovery. So unfortunately not for me, but don’t knock them until you’ve tried them!

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