Sanctuary Spa Advent Calendar 2016: Worth The Purchase?

Yesterday I shared whether I thought the M&S Advent Calendar was worth the money or not, and today I’m moving onto the Sanctuary Spa Advent Calendar. This was the first advent calendar I bought this year as I love a good pamper, and this advent calendar seemed like the perfect option for me.


Priced at £25 and being included in Boots’ 3 for 2 Christmas gift deal, this was one of the less expensive calendars released this year and that meant that I was all about getting this, especially when it ran for 24 days.

Included in this advent calendar was a variety of Body WashesSkincare ProductsBody Creams, and Pamper Essentials such as tea lights, a sleep mask and exfoliating gloves. I’ve been dying to try the 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask for ages and this was the product behind door number 13. I’m also always game for trying a new micellar water which was found behind door 21. I’m definitely interested to give a few of the newer products a go, and you can never have enough shower gel and body wash!


Overall, this advent calendar was worth the money but some of the gifts were pretty naff. The inclusion of a cookie cutter and a bulldog clip was completely unnecessary and obviously just a filler item. I’d have rather paid £25 for 12 days of good products, than £25 for 24 days of sub-par items. If Sanctuary release an advent calendar next year I’m not sure I’ll be picking it up because I can’t bring myself to realise that I’ve paid £1.04  (it works out at that per item) for one wooden cuticle stick which probably cost pennies to produce. Definitely a waste of money in that sense. But if you love the Sanctuary Spa range them maybe keep an eye out, as their products are starting to run quite pricey.

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