Rimmel The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my blog recently, you’ll have spotted that I received from very exciting mail from Rimmel a few weeks ago as a surprise. Well, they’ve done it again! Last weekend after a very messy Friday night, I found post on the side in a bright red envelope and it was from Rimmel.


Inside was all 9 shades of their brand new The Only 1 Matte Lipsticks*, and I would’ve jumped for joy if I wasn’t feeling so rough. However, now I’m feeling a lot less sorry for myself I can share with you full swatches and a bit of a review on the lipsticks.

I’ve never tried Rimmel’s original line of The Only 1 lipsticks so I’m unable to compare these to those, but we all know that around these parts my heart beats for matte lipsticks. I want long lasting lip colour in my life, and matte does that, so I can compare these to other matte lipsticks I’ve tried on the market. I can also compare them to the Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks because I have tried those.


The range comes in a variety of colours, but they tend to remain on the red/pink side which isn’t unusual for Rimmel. Apart from the bright purple shade, they’re all very wearable colours to wear throughout the year, with some more apt for the approaching winter and some for the warmer months which I am already counting down to. The formula definitely varies depending on the shade, and I’ve got 9, yes 9, photos of my lips to show you exactly how they apply.

It is important to note that immediately I noticed that they’re a bit of a pain to apply as they come in a flat top bullet rather than a traditional one. This shape is fine for the more nude tones where you don’t have to be as precise in terms of application, but it’s so awkward for the more striking shades. I’m not a lip liner lover, but if I want to wear the deep shades especially then I definitely need one in order to get a precise shape. It’s that or a lip brush. All of the photos below have been applied without a lip brush or liner, just from the bullet itself. In addition, these photos have been taken under studio lighting without any editing so this is a pretty true representation of how the lipsticks come out.


In terms of longevity, they’re not the longest wearing matte lipsticks on the market, but they’re definitely one of the most comfortable. I wore Trendsetter all day on Sunday and Monday, and on both days the lipstick lasted through eating and drinking and I could get around 5-6 hours wear before it required a top up. It’s not a lipstick that requires a load of exfoliating before you can apply as it’s a very creamy product that doesn’t, on the whole, pull or settle into fine lines, which is a huge bonus.

As you can see, the more ‘every day’ shades come out a lot better than the more out there ones. Look Who’s Talking was probably the hardest shade to apply as it was the only one that really showed up any imperfections on and around the lips. I wish Run The Show was a little less bright as I won’t be wearing it that often, but it’s something a little different to add to my collection. I think my favourites have to be Trendsetter and High Flyer, but I’m surprised how much I liked Leader Of The Pink on my when I tried it as I never wear pink…it may because a summer staple in 2017 (watch this space).

Scent wise, I’d be wary if you don’t like the Kate Moss matte scent. To me it smells like sweet cucumber and whilst it’s not my favourite lipstick scent ever, I can tolerate it. But if you’re sensitive to scents, especially cucumber, I’d probably steer clear. You’d be much better off with a slightly different lipstick.

Overall I’m pretty impressed with these lipsticks. At £6.99 a pop, and frequently on 2 for £10 or Buy One Get One Half Price, they’re a pretty decent investment. My favourite matte lipsticks in the traditional formula (cream, rather than liquid) are probably the MAC ones which last a little longer and are in a shape that makes them easier to apply, but they’re also more than twice the price. So if you’re looking for a budget friendly nude matte lipstick that isn’t trying and doesn’t drag, I think I’ve found the one for you. However, I’d probably go elsewhere for the more out-there shades and I can’t see myself wearing these too often just as they’re not as opaque and take a fair amount of effort to apply.


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