Real Techniques Bold Metals Complete Eye Set

When the Real Techniques Bold Metal brushes were released, they were the prettiest, and most expensive, brushes in the drugstore market. Despite my endless splurging on makeup and tools, I never picked any of these up as they were just a little too expensive. If I wanted to spend that much, I’d try a proven brush (I’m looking at you MAC 217 you expensive thing).


But when the bargains of Cyber Monday arrived, I couldn’t say no to a set of 4 eye brushes for £20 (which if bought individually would cost £55) to try these brushes out once and for all.

Containing all 4 of the eye brushes from the Bold Metals collection and a brush roll, this set should give you the perfect smokey eye. The fluffy oval shadow brush (200) claims to make an effortless sweep across the lid for a wash of colour and seamless blending, the pointed crease brush (201) is densely packed with tapered bristles, the angled liner brush (202) is a firm brush with a slanted head, perfect for the smooth application of eyeliner, and the tapered shadow brush (203) is another densely packed brush with precision cut for blending into the crease. These brushes were insanely fluffy and I was more than ready to give these a go. Picture me with just these brushes, the Urban Decay Smoky Palette and all of my other brushes drying because that’s how I was at the weekend to test these bad boys out.


Firstly, lets talk about how beautiful these brushes are to look at. They are obviously a lot more luxurious in terms of appearance than the original Real Techniques line and have more weight behind them too, which I personally find easier to use. They’re also longer than the original line, which I’m not too sure if I prefer or not (ask me in a few weeks). I won’t ever use the brush roll, but it’s a nice addition to the collection if your brush collection is still in the early days.

The Oval Shadow Brush is a little too big for my eyes, but works to apply a pale base colour. This brush definitely isn’t an essential in your stash and I wasn’t wowed by it. The Pointed Crease Brush has become a firm favourite for eyeshadow application in the outer corner of my eye, to give the lusted after V shape in a smoky eye. Just be aware that it’s fairly large and you need to be quite accurate, but it does get results I’ve been loving the Angled Liner Brush for brow product application when I’m using powder products, rather than my hero brow product: the Benefit Gimme Brow. The Tapered Shadow Brush works wonders for blending through the crease, and works similarly to one of my all time favourite shadow brushes, the MAC 217. This is another great brush in the collection.


For 3 great brushes, it’s not a bad little set (shame about the Oval Shadow Brush). Would I pay £40 for this set? I don’t think it’s worth that much as they’re not miles better than the original Real Techniques line, but I don’t regret buying this for £20. Keep an eye out in the Boxing Day sales as I’m sure this will make a come back after Christmas.


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