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The Railway Children | Essential Twenty

It’s currently midnight and I’ve just got home after a busy day in London. Why oh why do I think I live so close when in actual fact it takes forever to get home? Last night (as you’re reading this) I was invited to the opening night of The Railway Childrenat Richmond Theatre and since it’s on for such a short period of time I’m getting my review out sharpish. 

I know I’ve seen The Railway Children film many moons ago, but I couldn’t have told you anything about the story. Now, at the ripe of age of 22, I’ve finally learnt the story and committed it to memory. Am I a true Brit now?

I don’t wish to spoil the plot, but a quick Google will reveal all about the three young Londoners on their big move to Three Chimneys Cottage. Instead, I want to talk about this particular production. Set in Yorkshire, the county I miss so dearly, the production uses a variety of techniques to capture the imaginations of the young audience it is clearly aimed at. Screens with projections were my personal favourites, but the moving set pieces (with a couple of opening night hitches) kept everyone attentive. 

The Railway Children | Essential Twenty

Whilst watching the production, despite a few little set incidents, I couldn’t believe how well the young actors performed. That was until I looked through the programme properly post-show and realised they’re older than me! It doesn’t take away from their brilliance, but I was still astounded by how young they looked. 

Whilst I never attend anything aimed at children, I didn’t notice too much disruption. Whilst there was a little more rustling it sweet wrappers and the occasional whisper, this was more understandable to me than the slightly offensive audience members I endured at Lady Day. 

This production was a brilliant and I am so chuffed I ventured out to zone 4 (I’m a zone 1-2 girl usually) to see something a little different. A short but sweet family-orientated play was just what I needed to round off my summer break before I head back to work on Monday. If you’re looking to introduce your young ones to the theatre then I honestly can’t think of a better starting point.

The invite to The Railway Children was in addition to the autumn preview at Richmond Theatre which I’ll be talking about on Monday so keep your eyes peeled! I’m just going to spill that there are some excellent productions lined up for the back end of 2017, and if they’re like last night’s show you’re in for a treat.

Will you be trying to snap up a ticket for The Railway Children before it closes on Sunday?

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