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Blogmas Day 13 | Essential Twenty

I’m rubbish at arty projects. I’m a scientist through and through and this blog is the most creative I get. This doesn’t stop me scrolling through Pinterest for festive DIYs I’ll never complete though! But if you are a little more artistic than I am then maybe this list will give you some last minute Pinterest Christmas DIYs to complete over the next couple of weeks.

Wire Hanger Wreath

Christmas Pinterest DIY: Wire Hanger Wreath | Essential Twenty

This wire hanger wreath is something I’ve wanted to create for a long time as it’s inexpensive and supposedly very easy to make. All you need is a wire coat hanger, around 50 baubles of varying sizes and a hot glue gun. Okay so I don’t have any of those things, but I could get them all for under a tenner and this decoration would last for years! I think I’d need to practice my glue gun skills first as my expertise end at glueing soles of shoes back on. 

Christmas Pudding Pom Pom

Christmas Pinterest DIY: Christmas Pudding Pom Pom | Essential Twenty

How cute is this Christmas Pudding Pom Pom? Personally I think these would make beautiful little present decor (I’m rubbish at making presents look pretty but this would jazz them up a bit) or a cute little addition to your table at Christmas. This doesn’t look too difficult to make either which is always something I look for in a craft, mainly because I’m pants at it!

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

Christmas Pinterest DIY: Pine Cone Tree | Essential Twenty

Another cute Pinterest Christmas DIY are these Pine Cone Christmas Trees. These would also look beautiful on your table, or maybe a little forest could be created on your window ledge. All you need craft wise for these is green paint, silver paint and glue, and the rest can be picked up super easily (especially pine cones during Christmas).

Mason Jar Candles

Christmas Pinterest DIY: Mason Jar Candle | Essential Twenty

The final DIY I’d love to try are these Mason Jar Candles. I feel like mason jars are slowly fading away again after a couple of years of them being everywhere, but I think these make a cute gift or decoration for the festive season. These are simple since all you need is a mason jar, paint and a stencil – easy peasy! And they’re something that would definitely sit nicely on my bedside table.

Have you tried any Pinterest Christmas DIYs? This year has been a little busy and I’ve not had the chance to give any a go, but maybe next year! I think I say that each year, but one year I might actually stick to my personal promises.

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