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My Perfect Post-Work Autumn Evening | Essential Twenty
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It’s getting to that time of year where I’m leaving work in the dark and getting home in the dark. Basically time for doom and gloom. We’ve already established that I don’t love autumn, but what I do love is a cosy evening in. Give me a fluffy throw, hot chocolate and access to Netflix and I am one happy bunny.

For the longest time, I wasn’t fussed on watching HD on big screens. In fact, we had a television you could literally fit a fish bowl on top of until last November. We’re not the most technologically advances household, that’s for sure. But now we’ve upgraded all the televisions, we’ve got fibre broadband so I can finally stream in HD, and I’ve even adding things like these 4K TV Panasonic to my wish list for the house that I will never own because I spend all my money on aforementioned fluffy throws. I can’t help it!

As soon as I get in from work when the weather turns, I have to have a shower or a bath. It’s the only thing that truly warms me up. And once I’ve donned my cosy PJs and cracked on with whatever blog work I’ve got to do that evening, I can finally relax. Which means lighting a few candles and catching up on the latest shows I’ve recorded or new releases on Netflix. Yes autumn is the time when all the fab shows return…or trash depending on how you think about it.

My Perfect Post-Work Autumn Evening | Essential Twenty

Through October I find that I get into the swing of regular Saturday night viewing, as well as falling back in love with hating every contestant on The Apprentice. By the time November rolls around I’ve usually had enough of the trash and get back into Netflix viewing. Over the past week I’ve finished off my rewatch of all of How I Met Your Mother and started watching The Good Place. I’m actually going to be putting together a list of my Netflix wish list in a couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled to read all about what I want to watch through Autumn and Winter.

Whilst not strictly Autumn, December for me is all about the Christmas films. The Christmas TV channels pop up and I pull out my pile of festive DVDs to binge watch. This year I’m aiming to watch a Christmas film every day in the lead up to Christmas, so don’t forget to check out my twitter during December to find out what I’m watching!

So my perfect autumn evening changes depending on the month, but what I can guarantee is that you’ll find me on the sofa under a blanket with a big mug of something warm. Whilst I may not love autumn, I do love the cosy nights in.

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