The Reality Of Being A Theatre Blogger

    The Reality of Being a Theatre Blogger | Essential Twenty

    I feel like theatre blogging is a relatively small niche, but with the decline of print newspapers, it’s a niche that is quickly growing. With the right SEO for reviews, it’s easy to rank above some of the bigger newspapers when it comes to theatre reviews and get a fair few hits to your reviews. And your review could be the decision that somebody books to see a show. But the reality of being a theatre blogger isn’t all going to new launches, writing a post and going to bed, then repeating that a couple of times a week. I’ve been blogging for almost three years, and whilst I enjoy writing about the theatre above anything else I’ve written about, it’s probably the most exhausting thing to write about. Continue reading

    Into The Woods, Cockpit Theatre | Review

    Into the Woods, Cockpit Theatre | Essential Twenty


    Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s smash-hit Into The Woods opened on Broadway in 1987, winning three Tony Awards, before being reimagined in hundreds of different ways. It was even developed into a feature-film by Walt Disney Pictures in 2014 and until Friday night’s opening of Into The Woods at The Cockpit, the film is my only real experience of the production. Teaming up with Trilby Productions, All Star Productions has delivered the London fringe theatre scene with a 21st century imagination of the Sondheim classic.

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    West End Live 2018: Dates, Time & Line Up

    West End Live 2018 | Essential Twenty

    One of the most exciting days in the West End Theatre calendar is just three weeks away and we’ve been spoiled. Today, the line-up for West End LIVE 2018 has been announced and it’s a pretty good one, even if I do say so myself. Seriously, this is a date you’ve got to put in your diary!

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    West End versus Touring: Why I Almost Always Pick London

    West End versus Touring: Why I Almost Always Pick London| Essential Twenty

    It’s been the talk of the town since Hamilton hit the London theatre scene that West End theatre prices are going through the roof. Tickets are selling for £250 apiece, which is unheard of in London (and funny really since it’s not a cheap city) and the likes of Chess and The King And I aren’t far behind! But on the other end of the spectrum, touring companies are failing. You’d think that productions right on people’s door steps would be sell-outs, and whilst some are, other shows play to half-empty theatres night after night.

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    A Theatre Rant: Jukebox Musicals

    A Theatre Rant: Jukebox Musicals | Essential Twenty

    I loved Tina The Musical when I went last month. Unfortunately the performances was overshadowed by an unruly audience, as is the case in most jukebox musicals, and I wanted to get my thoughts down on paper about it. As much as you can call this blog ‘paper’.
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