What I got for my 21st Birthday

    What I got for my 21st Birthday | Essential Twenty

    I did it guys! I made it to adulthood in every country of the world. After a day of surprises in Manchester from my boyfriend, and my best friends and family surprising me by all coming out for dinner with me in the evening, I was well and truly spoilt by all that is photographed and more (I didn’t have time to photograph everything, simply because I went home mid week to visit another friend for her birthday and I’ve been at either at uni or work during every single hour of decent lighting). Keep reading if you’re interested in what my nearest and dearest treated me to on my big day.

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    What’s On Top Of My Makeup Storage

    Being a student means that I don’t have space for a dressing table (cries for days) so I have to do my makeup on a slightly unconventional surface in the mornings. Like a large number of beauty bloggers out there, I use the IKEA Alex Drawers to store my makeup (I have the 5 drawer as I want to get a second and make a desk from it when I have the space), as well as using the top to store beauty products which I use on a near-daily basis. This also doubles as my boyfriend’s bedside table when he stays over so there’s usually a wallet and a phone floating about there too. I can sit on my bed to apply my makeup, and I store my hair dryer and straighteners to the side.

    What's On Top Of My Makeup Storage | Essential Twenty

    As I previously said, I tend to store things that I need everyday on here, unless they look overly unsightly, and then they get thrown in the bottom drawer (read: deodorant).

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    Beauty Storage, Summer 2015

    Although I’ve been scheduling so many posts recently so my blog stays updated whilst I’m in America, it occurred to me that I didn’t have a post written for today. So in a weird make-do blog post, I’m going to show you how I store my every day Skincare, Hair Care, and Body Care products. This is likely to change in September because I’m finally buying the 5 drawer IKEA Alex (eventually I want to get a second and the IKEA Linnmon Table Top to make a dressing table, but I’m a poor student and can’t afford that right now), but this is just how I keep it right now. I’m not 100% happy with it but it works for me for now, and it’s been fine whilst I’ve been home this summer.

    Beauty Storage, Summer 2015 | Essential Twenty

    This is the IKEA Billy Bookcase which I bought for my second year of university. My room was particularly small, and was lacking storage so I bought this as a cheap alternative to drawers. There is a shelf not pictured below here which currently houses my university textbooks and folders and stuff, and it’s the perfect length for them all.

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