Blogmas Day 5: Stocking Filler Ideas

    Stockings are one of my favourite bits about Christmas morning because it’s the only set of presents my brother and I are allowed to open without our parents. Mine is usually filled with more practical items (read: toothbrush, tissues, lip balm, socks, chocolate and stationery) as opposed to fun presents, but this is just what I’m used to and I love it. Since I am 21 now, I’m genuinely worried that this will be the year that I stop receiving stockings. However, I know some of you out there will have to be buying stocking fillers this year so I’ve compiled a list of things items that I’m certain will go down a treat.

    Day 5

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    Blogmas Day 4: My Top 5 Christmas Films

    One of the best things about Christmas is the festive films that are on television. You can guarantee that there will be something on at all times across the channels, and if you’ve got Sky like I do at home, there is an entire channel dedicated to Christmas movies. My favourites are probably the same as many of yours and it’s because they’re all brilliant films.

    Day 4

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    Blogmas Day 3: My Christmas 2015 Bucket List

    This year, I have a bucket list to follow. Every year I never fulfill my Christmas wishes, so I feel like I will be more likely manage all of these wishes if I write them down.

    Day 3

    Maybe I’ll review this in my final post of blogmas.

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    Blogmas Day 2: My Advent Calendars

    I thought that by the age of 21 I would not longer get excited by the prospect of opening a paper door to find a tiny piece of chocolate behind it, but I still do. And my mum still buys them for me (hides face).

    Day 2

    Although this year I’ve gone a couple of steps further and am the proud owner of three advent calendars.

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    Blogmas Day 1: November Favourites

    How is it December? How has the year flown this fast? It seems like yesterday I was in America yet that was three months ago! But I’m excited because December is my favourite month and I have lots of exciting things planned – including Blogmas! Yes, I am taking part in Blogmas this month so you can check back here every morning at 8am GMT for a new festive themed post. In fact, this is the only post until after Christmas that won’t have a festive spin.

    Day 1

    My favourites this month are few and far between, especially since I’ve been rocking the same makeup look for the last couple of months. In a way, you can think of this as an extension of last month’s favourites. However, I have a few goodies that I want to share with you that I’ve been loving this month. And most aren’t makeup for a change!

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