MAC Nutcracker Sweet Pigment & Glitter Sets

Another day, another blogmas post, and another review of something that I picked up in my November splurge. MAC always bring out some fantastic Christmas sets that are snatched up pretty quickly so I joined the buzz and picked up not one, but both, of the Nutcracker Sweet Pigment & Glitter Sets.


This year, the sets come in a drawer and is inspired by the Nutcracker Ballet – a Christmas classic! Coming in a Bronze and a Gold set and containing both glitters and pigments that are beautifully coloured for the festive season, I had to have them. I’ve also included a few dupes that I could find in my collection that you may already have too.

The pigments come in vials with 2.4g of product, and the glitters weight a mere 1.9g and these retails for £26 per set. Having a look back on previous years, these are not great value for money. In past years they’ve had bigger vials and more pigments in a set for the same price, which seems unlike MAC as a number of their products have been coming down in price recently (the Retro Matte Lipsticks are now £17.50 down from £21, their Neutral palettes are now around the £50 mark instead of £65, and over in the US their eyeshadow pans are a mere $6 – so why are we still paying £10?). However, I have been wanting to try MAC pigments and glitters for a while, but I don’t want a full sized bottle as I know that I’ll never get through a full one. If you do end up buying these sets, please bear in mind that these glitters are not meant for use around the eye area (just a warning, you can do what you like).


The Nutcracker Sweet Gold Pigments & Glitter Set contains two glitters and two pigments, and this was the first one that I bought as the red glitter was calling out to me (I’m a sucker for a red eye in late summer…still 9 months away but still).


English Gilt (pigment) is a warm toned, light gold with a metallic finish which previously appeared in MAC’s 2014 Holiday set. This blends out to be relatively sheer, but becomes a little more opaque by the addition of a quick spritz of water. It’s similar in colour to Dirtysweet which is found in the Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette, which is one of my favourite shadows in that palette.

Gold (glitter…which I just spilt all over my bed sheets whilst writing this post oops) is a medium gold glitter which consists of fairly small particles, but won’t adhere to the skin without a proper base. I usually go for eyelash glue for glitters as I know they’re safe to use on the face.

Reflects Rust (glitter) is what drew me to this set initially and is copper toned and medium red in colour. This is a mixture of pink and orange fine glitter particles which adheres a little better than the Gold glitter but I would definitely recommend still using a base.

Heritage Rouge (pigment) is a plum coloured pigment with red undertones and a metallic sheen. This is very opaque for a pigment and looks stunning on the lower lash line.


The Nutcracker Sweet Bronze Pigments & Glitter Kit is a more neutral kit compared to is golden sister. This contains three pigments and one glitter, and I only really picked this up to complete the set (I’m the worst).


Sugar Rush (pigment) is a neutral, light beige with a pearlescent sheen. It blends out to very little due to it being so finely milled, and this would work better as a base or a subtle highlighter than a shadow itself.

Stardream (pigment) is a medium copper with a metallic sheen. This is a very warm toned pigment and looked beautiful as an all over lid shade. This is similar in consistency to Sugar Rush but due to the darker colour of this pigment, it blends out to an opaque shadow. This is similar in colour to Zoeva Pure Ganache (Cocoa Blend Palette) and a little deeper in tone than Urban Decay Chopper.

Handsome Prince (pigment) is a rich, medium-deep brown with a metallic finish, and blends as seamlessly as Stardream with an opaque finish. This is very similar to NYX Bedroom Eyes which is one of my favourite single shadows on the market right now.

Reigning Riches (glitter) is a deep red with warm undertones, and requires an adhesive to ensure that it lasts. It is very similar to Reflects Rust in the Nutcracker Sweet Gold Set, and like English Gilt in the same set, it also featured in the 2014 holiday release.

Do I think these in total are worth £52? Not so sure. But am I happy to have them in my life? Abso-frickin’-lutely! These are definitely more wintery tones but I can definitely see myself getting wear from these all through the year. As stated earlier, I probably won’t ever get through an entire full sized vial of pigment or glitter so these are definitely more suitable for me and it’s probably the case for the majority of makeup wearers. All I can say is that I hope when this goes live there are still some available for you to buy!


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