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Makeup Rehab: No Buy April | Essential Twenty

Remember how about two weeks ago today I proudly shared my recent Beauty Bay order? It turns out that my little splurge sent me back into my old beauty spending ways and I need to stop. Thankfully I’ve been doing some research in how I can stop this (and also not just replace my spending in other realms: 6 theatre trips already planned for April ring any bells?) as well as reading through Reddit’s Makeup Rehab subreddit which given me some tips to reign in my spending, and show me how to cut back this month through a beauty no buy. And hopefully beyond!

No Buy

Starting with no buy, this month I won’t be buying anything new. I have backups of all my favourite makeup products (I’ll come back to this later) and plenty of never-before-tried goodies so if I do run out of anything I’ll be okay. Seriously, I have 7 bottles of dry shampoo and that’s what I get through the fastest. This girl does not need to buy anything. And I know sales are super tempting, but they always come back around again. I’ve been trying not to buy too many limited edition items, because after so long they’re not relevant. And even if I fall in love, I can’t repurchase!

One way I’m going to prevent myself from being a little spendy is by removing all my saved card details and stop paying by PayPal. Whilst I don’t want to deactivate my PayPal account all together (it seriously comes in handy), that one-click checkout is lethal! I’m even going to remove cards from Amazon, because I’m a little too reliant on Amazon at times.

Onwards And Upwards

I can definitely make it until May without buying anything new, but I still like spending my hard earned cash on beauty products (and theatre trips). So with that in mind, I’ve got to find a new mentality when it comes to adding new products into my collection.

Whilst I’d love to work on the principle of ‘one in, one out’, I just can’t. I mean for starters I know I’d justify it by being super pernickety and saying that I only own one ‘champagne-peach-duochrome-but-glittery highlight’ etc, and just allow myself to keep them all. Instead, I’m going to work using the following rules for the time being:

  • Two empties for every new product in
  • Only items that I a) run out of, and b) have on my wish list for more than one month (and still really want) can be purchased

Let me explain a little further.

The two empties for every new product in is applicable to most beauty categories. I currently have, in assorted sizes, 15 body washes, 9 body scrubs, 20 body creams, 23 mascaras of varying size, and 65 face masks (I know this from the beauty inventory I’ve been compiling). And apart from the potted face masks, these are all unopened! This is ridiculous since I only have one body and one face. Backups may not go off as quickly if they haven’t been opened, but they will still start to deteriorate. And do I really want them on my face? The only exceptions to this rule will be products I have slightly fewer of or get through a lot quick. For example, concealers I will repurchase after just one empty, but only if I see it on offer. This is because I tend to keep back ups of products that I get through quickly.

Makeup Rehab: No Buy April | Essential Twenty

If I completely use up a product and it’s cruelty free (I’ll miss you NARS Laguna), I can repurchase no question. Unless I have 3 identical products in my stash already. I think that’s fair play, especially when it comes colour cosmetics or lipsticks as they’re so difficult to finish. Or it could potentially be grouped in the two out, one in category but this will probably be product dependent.

I am also no longer adding products to my wish list just because it looks pretty. It’s so easy to get swept up in the hype surrounding certain products (yes, I did buy ABH Soft Glam, and yes, I will be reviewing it soon). Now I’ve decided I need to read a fair few reviews, let the hype die down a little, and at least try to swatch it before adding it to my wish list. This isn’t always possible because the likes of Tarte – who have quickly become one of my favourite brands for cheek products, as well as creating the most beautiful matte eyeshadow palette in my collection – isn’t available in stores in the UK, but if things are around, swatching is always good. I actually put off buying the Too Faced HangoveRx Primer for a year because I’m quite fussy when it comes to primers, and if I’m spending almost £30 I want to be able to check the formula first.

What About Sales?

I’m a sucker for a sale. About two weeks ago, the Violet Voss Holy Grail Palette was 30% off on Beauty Bay. I then got an extra 10% off from student discount. Whilst yes, I saved £16 on the retail price, did I really need another warm eyeshadow palette? I already have 8! To be fair, this palette has been on my wish list for some time but that’s not the point. I didn’t need it! Everyone at work calls me a marketer’s dream, and it’s true. So from now on, when it comes to sales, I need to slow it down. I very quickly get sucked in, so only products that are on my wish list can be bought on sale. In fact, I’ll encourage myself to do this. I’m not sucked in by the sales quite so much as I used to be, mainly because I have gone cruelty free with my purchases, but it’s still very easy to tempt me.

And What About Back Ups From Here On In?

I’ve read very mixed thoughts on having back ups. Some people think it’s daft, and you should only repurchase as you’re about to run out of a product. Other people think it’s a good idea to keep back ups of your favourites products at all times. Quite a few people will buy back ups of limited edition products that they really enjoy. I personally fall into the camp of having back ups for products that I love, but have repurchased when they’ve been on offer. Whilst I’m no longer buying from brands that support animal testing, prior to making the pledge of going cruelty free I picked up my favourite foundation and concealer (Rimmel Match Perfection and Maybelline Fit Me) both on 3 for 2. I’m down to two bottles left of the foundation and just one concealer, but knowing that these would be used up within the year I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have back ups on these in my collection.

In my mind, there is no point in having back up of powder products until you hit pan. I have never hit pan on a highlighter, I’ve been going on the same bronzer for the best part of four years, and the only time I’ve used up a full eye shadow in recent years was on of the matte shades the Sleek Au Natural palette 4 years ago. Whilst powder products do have a longer life than liquid products, they still don’t last forever. Plus, your skin type may change and this product may not work for you in the future, or you may fake tan now but won’t in a couple of years and the colouring will be all off. Of course it’s a personal choice, but that is my two cents on it.

I also believe that liquid products shouldn’t be kept as a back up. They can go really gloopy in a really short space of time or lipsticks may grow mould, or they might even dry out. Again, it’s really difficult to not buy up limited edition products that you fall for (or if you learn that your holy grail is being discontinued) but you can probably live without it if you do run out. Again, it’s totally personal but this is my opinion on back ups.

You will still see one more makeup haul on Essential Twenty in before April is over, simply because I’ve got one to share with you that I didn’t get around to this month, but nothing will be entering my stash that I’ve paid for with my own money. If you want to cut back on your beauty spends, check out this subreddit for some great tips and tricks, and try a no buy or low buy for a couple of weeks.

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