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I’ve seen The Comedy About A Bank Robbery not once, but twice this year. It’s definitely a show you ought to see, but don’t just listen to what I’ve got to say! I’ve spoken to Niall Ransome, one of the show’s understudies, and he can tell you exactly why you’re missing out if you’re not taking the trip! PS. I’m always in awe of understudies, so I was so keen on hearing what Niall had to say!

How would you describe The Comedy About A Bank Robbery to a prospective audience member?

It’s a fun and fast comedy that leaves little space between gags for you to catch your breath. It’s good
old fashioned humour that suits any age; you could be 8 or 80 but you’ll still be laughing!

The show has been running for about 18 months now, and is booking for another 6 months. What do
you think keeps bringing audience to the Criterion to see it?

I do feel it’s a lot to do with word of mouth. Especially in Comedy, you want to share things that make
you laugh with others, like when you hear a good joke you’ll tell it to someone else the first chance
you get. We all love a good laugh and there’s something quite special about sitting in a room full of
strangers and laughing at the same thing.

What’s your favourite part of the show, either to watch or to take part in?

The show has a lot of music in and it’s always fun to run around in the montage scenes. That type of
story telling has always been something I’ve loved watching in theatre. But really it’s the audiences;
there’s nothing like saying a line and hearing a full room of people laugh. You can’t quite beat that

There’s some quite scary looking stunts in the show. Was the physical aspect of it all difficult to

They were at first, and it can be quite scary the first few times you attempt to do it but you build
up muscle memory and after a while just get used to it. I guess it’s weird that after a few months
hanging upside down on a wire becomes second nature.

Which character is your favourite to play in The Comedy About A Bank Robbery?

I play multiple parts in the show and I like each one for different reasons. They’re all great parts
really and my favourite keeps changing. I’ve been on as Cooper a few times recently, he has such fun in
all his scenes and is quite a positive character so enjoy playing him a lot.

A Comedy About A Bank Robbery | Essential Twenty

What is your typical routine on a day you’re not performing?

It depends really. I like cooking so I enjoy having time to do that. Seeing friends and getting out to see
other shows is good too and I write a lot but sometimes after a busy week it’s good to just sit in front
of the TV or a good book and just do nothing.

How does this routine differ on a day you’re on?

Well our matinees are Saturdays and Sundays so we sort of have our days free in the week. We all do
our own thing but you want to conserve energy for the show in the evening. Come 5pm I’m normally on
the tube heading to the theatre to get ready.

Have you got any memorable on-stage mishaps from shows you’ve been in that you can share?

One that always makes me laugh is when Bodie, another member of the cast, forgot to bring on his
walkie talkie so he had to quickly disguise this by talking into his sleeve. Luckily I don’t think the
audience noticed but we all had a good laugh backstage. He still hasn’t lived it down.

What is your dream acting role and why?

That is a difficult question! You can’t really second guess what parts you’ll play and I find new work
most exciting, so it probably hasn’t been written yet. But I have always loved the idea of playing
Konstantin in The Seagull or Richard II. I think I’m probably more interested in dream writers I’d love
to work with than a specific part.

Thanks so much to Niall for taking the time to share his thoughts with me. The Comedy About A Bank Robbery is currently booking until April 2018, so why not treat your loved ones to a night of real slapstick comedy with a ticket this Christmas?

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