My Pandora Charm Collection

For my last two big birthdays, I have been gifted Pandora bracelets. Not only does this make me incredibly easy to buy for because there are so many charms to choose from, but I really cherish every single charm I have.


I can remember where I got each one from, and wearing this brings back so many memories of birthdays, Christmases and times I’ve spent with some of my favourite people. I have tried to link to all of the charms and the bracelets but just bear in mind that some are limited edition and others have been discontinued.

For my 18th Birthday, my parents bought me the Black Single Woven Leather Bracelet. I had been wanting a Pandora bracelet for years so I was super excited when I opened this on that day back in 2012.


The first charm on this bracelet is the Clover Charm which my mum’s sister and her family bought me for my 18th. I’m guessing this is to bring me luck in life, but to be honest I just really like the charm.

The second charm is this Orange Flower Charm which was discontinued years ago. This was from my Dad’s brother and his family for my 18th birthday, as was the the third charm. The other charm they got me for the same occasion was this Pink Pearl Charm which has faded over time, but originally looked like my birth stone.

The 18 Charm was a gift from my parents which they put on the bracelet when they gave it to me since it was my 18th birthday. This remains to be one of my favourite charms across my bracelets and I love that I have the matching set of the 18 and 21 charms.

The Bag Charm was another gift from my parents but it was for my 20th Birthday. I got a Ted Baker bag as an early Birthday present but still needed something to open on the day, so a bag charm was the perfect gift. It’s actually the biggest charm on there, and definitely the weightiest, but I love it.

The Open Stars Charm was a gift for my 18th from my dad’s uni friend and his family, but has since been discontinued. Before I even got a bracelet I’d been eyeing this charm up so I was super happy to receive it as a gift. Around the age of 17 I was obsessed with drawing stars over everything so it was perfect for me.

The Christmas Stocking Charm was bought for my by my grandparents for Christmas in 2012 (I think, maybe it was 2013). Even though it’s Christmassy it stays on my bracelet all year round, and I love Christmas more than anything. This has since been discontinued but there is a more up to date one available.

The S Charm and the Present Charm were both given to me by my parents and on the bracelet like the 18 charm was. S for Sophie, and the present since it was my birthday. It was appropriate.

The final charm is the discontinued October Birthstone Charm which my parents bought for me as a ‘good luck’ gift when I headed off to uni. My mum didn’t realise that I already had a birthstone coloured charm when she bought me this or she would’ve got me a different one but at least it sort of fits a colour scheme.

For my 21st Birthday, my parents decided I needed another bracelet and bought me the Barrel Clasp Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet whilst we were in America. This one is a little more difficult to put on my myself but since I have little hands, I can just slip this on without worrying about the clasp. Any charms I’ve been given since receiving this bracelet have gone onto here, rather than the leather bracelet.


The first charm on this bracelet is the Christmas Puppy Charm which my boyfriend bought me last Christmas. He said it’s the closest thing to a dog that I’ll be getting from me until we have a house together, and I’m holding him to that!

The second charm is the Heart Charm which my neighbours bought for my for my 21st birthday. Some of my friends think it’s weird that I’m close to my neighbours, but I love always having someone to turn to when I need them.

The third charm is a US exclusive, and it’s Ariel’s Dress. I wish you could get hold of the Disney charms over here but apparently we’re not loved enough in the UK for them. My mum and dad bought me this when we were in America in the summer and this was given to me along with the bracelet. The Little Mermaid is my favourite Disney film and my mum wants to give me presents related to my childhood for the 21st, hence buying this charm.

The next charm on this bracelet is the 21st Heart Charm which has been discontinued. I actually got two of the Happy Birthday charms for my birthday so swapped one for this to match my 18th charm. This is officially the one from my dad’s uni friend and his family but shhh (if they ever ask it’s the Happy Birthday charm from them and this from my parents).

The Happy Birthday Charm is the one that my parents put on the bracelet when they gave it to me. My mum thought she was being clever when she bought this as she’d never seen it in the UK and thought it was a US exclusive; she was wrong. This pendant actually opens up and says ‘Best Wishes’ inside, as well as having a heart engraved on the back.

The final charm on this bracelet is the United States Charm (linked away from the Pandora site as I can’t find it on the US or UK site), which my mum brother bought for me for my 21st. This is a great memory of my trip to the States last summer, and I love that on the back is also has hearts engraves with the abbreviations ‘USA’, ‘AK’ and ‘HI’ (so they’ve not missed Alaska and Hawaii out).

This ended up being a much longer post than I expected but I hoped you enjoyed having a nose as the bracelets I wear pretty much every day.


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