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If you caught Sunday’s post, you’ll know that I do not need to be buying any more beauty products but I can’t help but try out new face masks all the time. To be honest, I didn’t actually realise how many I had until that post because they were all over the place (with some in my bathroom, some in my drawer and some in my box of products to blog about).


I never really write about things in my skincare collection too often because I take them for granted, so I thought this would be a great way to throw in a few mini reviews too. Maybe you’ll find a mask you need to try!


I have three of the Quick Fix Facials masks which is probably a little ridiculous but at £5 a piece and at least ten uses out of them (more if you’re like me and multimask), they’re definitely worth a buy. I have the Exfoliating Scrub Mask, the Collagen Lift Mask and the Mega Moisture Mask which I tend to use on different areas of my face. Apart from the lift mask, I use that all over. I’m starting to look old before my time I need that sucker everywhere!

I also love the Una Brennan Super Facialist Rose Hydrate mask which is very similar to the Mega Moisture Mask, although it sinks in a little better. I would probably suggest the Una Brennan offering if you have particularly dry skin, but mine is more on the Combination side and I can get away with the Quick Fix Facials Version.


Sachet masks and minis are my favourite way to try out masks, simply because you get a use or two and if it’s crap it doesn’t matter because you haven’t got a whole load to use up. I love these Origins pods which came in a pack of 4 for £5. I bought these last summer before I went to America and they were great for travel! They lasted ages as well with my mum and I both applying one pod a few times between us on our 9 hour flight. I don’t think they sell these anymore but if you can get your hands on them at an outlet or something it’s so worth it.

I also love 7th Heaven masks as if I’m having a weird skin day where one of my other masks is no good, I know I can grab one of those masks for £1 a be good to go. I think I must have tried every single one they sell over the years, but my favourites are the peel off masks for sure. The Cucumber and Passions ones are usually the ones I purchase, but I also have a Tea Tree one in my collection which I’m waiting for a bad break out to use.

Another mini I have is the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask which is great during the winter or when my skin is feeling particularly tight. These are a little more intensive than a night cream but they still don’t feel weighty, especially this Clinique one!


As much as I love a long pamper and sitting for hours in one mask, I also love a quick masks. The Simple Deep Cleansing Mask and the Boots Essentials 3 Minute Clay Mask are so great for this as they only stay on for 3 minutes. I tend to apply these as I’m getting ready to shower so the first thing I do is wash them off once I’m in. I use one of these a couple of times a week and a little seriously goes a long way! And they’re a real bargain too, especially the Boots one at only £1.50!

I also have a fair few masks I’m yet to use in my collection, including the Manuka Doctor Api Refine Rapid Lift Mask, the Kiehls Overnight Hydrating Mask* and the L’Oreal Glow Mask (not even photographed because it’s that new to my collection). I’m excited to give some of these a go because I’ve heard amazing thing about all three of them!

So I’m a face mask junkie, obviously. I know I’m trying to use things up, but if you have any recommendations then please tell me (because my list is always welcoming suggestions). I haven’t spoken about every single mask here but if you want to know what I think of any of them then shoot me a tweet and I’ll let you know.

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