My Boyfriend Explains What Makeup Is

So I’ve seen this tag-esque thing floating about around the Blogosphere where beauty bloggers have asked their significant others what they thing the purpose of various makeup products are. I have personally been finding it hilarious and wanted to ask Jack the same questions. Although Laura didn’t start this tag, it is thanks to her that I have become aware of it.


I was hoping Jack would be aware of what some bits were after being with me for coming up for two years, but we’ll see…

Primer – What you put on before you put on your makeup to give it a good base

Foundation – Like the powder you put on your cheeks to give yourself a set colour

Concealer – Put it on your face and that to conceal spots

Powder – *long pause* I thought that was foundation

Brow Gel – I’m guessing it’s the primer for your eyebrows

Eyeshadow – That stuff you put on your eyes. I can’t describe it but I know what that one it is though. *Sigh* Is it powder usually you put on your eyelids?

Eyeliner – It’s the black line you put on that bit at the front of your eyelid on your eyelashes

Mascara – I dunno. See, oh, lashes never mind.

Corrector – The tipex of makeup?  (Cue me cracking up)

Contour – What you put on your face and your cheeks and jaw to give yourself a defined manly jawline

Bronzer – Fake fake tan

Blusher – It’s in the name. Makes you look like you’re blushing.

Highlighter – I’m guessing it’s not the neon ones? I dunno. Urm I’m guessing it’s something like urm contour but for defining areas.

Setting Spray – Primer

BB Cream – Ball bearing cream. I dunno. Beautiful beau cream.

I was bloody fuming at Jack because he did well. I wanted this to be a funny tag but on the most part it was vaguely informative. Damn it. If you get your other half to do this tag make sure you send it to me on twitter or leave it in a comment because I’m loving these at the moment!


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