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Blogging To Do List | Essential Twenty

A couple of weeks ago I attended the summer blog event and ever since I’ve been super inspired. I’m still without a laptop and blogging on the 12 year old family computer is getting a little old now, but as mentioned in a post last week I have 7 weeks off and a very long blog to do list. For a more solid list for myself, and maybe something of interest to you if you’re a blogger, I’ve decided to consolidate it in a quick post.

Media Kit

For me, the most inspiring talk at Blog At The Beach came from Jess. She talked us through her media kit and what she has found to be important in the kit. I’ve never had a media kit, but now it’s definitely time for me to get. Jess also went into detail about how she makes money which was so interesting and I’m definitely going to read around this a little more.

Get A New Header

I made this header yonks ago and never really liked it, but I’ve always been too stingy to pay someone to make it. Mainly because I can’t find anyone to make exactly what I want. However, over the summer I want to get around to finding someone to make what I want. I just feel like the one I have isn’t me, and I need this blog to represent me.

Put Together A Full Blogging Spreadsheet

I’ve previously shared how I plan posts, but I feel like this doesn’t have enough information in it. I aim to take this structure and use it for all my expenses, tracking PR and keeping a list of all of my contacts. Please tell me it’s not just me that can never find that one email address that they need?

There are loads of other things that I definitely need to do with my blog over my long break but these are the three main things I’ve got to get finished. What’s at the top of your blogging to do list?

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