Manchester Christmas Market

The Manchester Christmas Market is supposedly the best in the UK (I’ve heard Birmingham for years, but recently Manchester seems to have taken over). I was hoping to go last year but an unfortunate incident meaning I was on crutches lead to me not wanting to brave the busy stalls, and I was gutted!


In November, Jack and I hopped on the train and headed to Manchester for the day to lap up some Christmassy goodness.


The Christmas Markets are dotted all over the city, with all of them being in walking distances of the main stations so if you’re visiting from further afield it’s easy to make your way to the stalls.


I regret going on the first Saturday because it was insanely busy as soon as it got dark, but it was the only day I was going to be in the area whilst the market was on. I couldn’t move to see the majority of the stalls in Albert Square!


We did arrive quite early in the day so we managed to see a lot of the stalls around the Arndale, but lunchtime was insanely busy and even busier after 5. They had something for everyone, with toys and games, food and drink, and lots of Christmas goodies. I wish I could’ve bought more for people but I was struggling to carry things with it being so busy.


My favourite thing about Christmas Markets in general is the food and drink, and the Manchester Christmas Market has a brilliant selection. I think a lot of the more gift orientated products are quite expensive and most people I know wouldn’t enjoy them, but the food and drink is to die for. Every Christmas market trip for me means I get a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate and some yummy food. Jack often goes for a crepe or waffles, and picked up some mini pancakes, but my food of choice for this year was Bratkartoffeln (German A Level coming in use). These potatoes are fried in bacon and onion and they taste insane! Jack also picked up a burger which tasted gorgeous, and I’d definitely recommend getting both of these.


If someone forced me to choose whether I preferred Leeds Christmas Market (which I’ve been to a couple of times and adore) or Manchester Christmas Market, I think I’d pick Leeds. Manchester is so spread out and the walkways in Albert Square are so narrow you just can’t get anywhere! Leeds is just in one square so it’s easy to get around and spend an evening at. However, if you want to make a full day of it then Manchester is for you and I would say it’s worth a visit!

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