Why I Love Blogmas

Blogmas Day I: Why I Love Blogmas

Another year of blogging comes to a close which means it’s time for another month of blogmas. My third in fact! Over the past couple of years I’ve shared traditions, favourites and you’ve been with me through a dislocated knee smack bang in the middle of the festive period. But why do I do this to myself every year? It’s the busiest time of year and I spend my evenings hunched over a computer, sharing content just for you. Why do I love daily blogging through December so much?

Quite a few of my friends get involved in blogmas every year, so there are a lot of people there to keep you going. With so many people in the community sharing their festive favourites and tips & tricks throughout the month, you’re bound to read something inspirational. 

Why I Love Blogmas | Essential Twenty

This year I’ve got a couple of gift guides, a few little hauls, some festive day trip ideas and things that will make your Christmas a little more joyful. I’m also putting together a couple of huge posts at the end of the month that you’ve got to keep your eye out for (especially since one took a whopping 48 hours to complete). The sort of posts I’ll be putting out are probably what you expect around Christmas. And this year, I’ll be sharing my favourite posts throughout blogmas that other bloggers have published. I’m all about sharing the joy this year. 

In fact, whilst planning blogmas (far later than I had intended on doing…this post is being written just 6 days before it goes live. I usually aim for two weeks, whoops) I rediscovered some old festive posts. I got inspired and I want to share these posts with you. And if they don’t inspire you, I’ve also got a list of 40 blogmas ideas. You don’t even have to be taking part in blogmas, just doing a bit of festive blogging. 

The posts of blogmas past

Why I Love Blogmas | Essential Twenty

Over the past couple of years, there have been some festive posts that have stuck with me. Some of these I am including later during my blogmas posting, but some that aren’t necessarily relevant are being linked here. These are some of my favourite bloggers too, so it’s practically law to share them during Christmas.

Katie’s Family Christmas

Imii’s Christmas Baked Camembert

Sally’s Christmas Interiors

Corinne’s Very 90s Christmas List

Hannah’s Festive Workspace

Charlotte’s Christmas Eve Essentials

Stick with me through December for some fun posts, and lets hope I won’t be knocked down by a killer cold like I was last winter! [Update: I have been. I had to take two days off work this week] And if you’re taking part in blogmas, let me know! I’m going to be reading all month long. 

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