4 Places I Want To Visit In London

4 Places I Want To Visit In London | Essential Twenty

I’m in London a lot. I see a fair amount of shows so I’m there pretty regularly, but it means I fall into habits. I never stray far from the West End. I go to the same places for an afternoon cuppa, and you can always find me in Tortilla just off Trafalgar Square, but that’s about to change. I’m giving myself 4 places I want to visit in London by the end of 2018, and I’ll even try to back link them in this post when I eventually make it there.

Notting Hill 

I’ve never seen the film (I know, what am I doing?), but I spend enough of my life scrolling through Instagram to know that Notting Hill is a place I need to visit. With instagram accounts like Kate‘s, it’s no wonder that I want to take a stroll around the well documented area! I’ve even found this incredible walking tour of Notting Hill with instagram snaps in mind, so one day I seriously hope to follow this 5k stroll to get the perfect blog post. But for now, I’m happy just exploring off my own back.


Earlier this year, my parents headed down to London for the day and came back raving about Greenwich. I don’t know what drew them to the area. With the exception of a couple of trips to the O2 Arena (whilst it was the Millennium Dome and since then too), I’ve never really headed out that far east. I never have a need to. Being a world heritage site, it’s a place I definitely need to see very soon.


Richmond Park

The countryside in the big city, Richmond Park has been on my radar for quite some time now but since it’s not the easiest place to access by the tube (and London buses terrify me – I just don’t understand them), I’ve never taken the plunge. Maybe it’s because Richmond is zone 4 and I’m not about that life. However, all it takes is a quick Google image search and you’ll see exactly why I’m desperate to visit.

Sky Garden

I never do anything with a wow factor when I head into the big smoke, but something that gets me every time I see a photo of it is the Sky Garden. The setting, the views, the whole experience is something I’m dying to try and I am determined to take a trip within the next 12 months or so. Maybe I can make it my 24th birthday present to myself, because my 23rd is just days away and it’s not going to happen before then!

There’s obviously so many more places I’d love to visit in London, but I can only do so many at a time. I’m actually headed into the capital this weekend and am debating a trip to Notting Hill vs a wander along the Thames from St. Paul’s to Tower Bridge…or maybe I’ll just stick to my burrito eating ways this time! Are there any places in London that you’ve got your eye on?

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