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London Duck Tour | Essential Twenty

Despite frequently visiting London, I have never been on a proper tour. I’ve done a lot of the really cool tourist things like the London Eye, walking over Tower Bridge and visiting Churchill’s War Rooms (that last one is definitely worth a visit) but I’ve never done an all encompassing tour. When I was invited on the Classic Sightseeing London Duck Tour*, I knew this was my opportunity to see a lot of London and I was definitely going to take that chance.

Nelson's Column: London Duck Tour | Essential Twenty

Starting in Waterloo, around a 5 minute walk from the station, the bright yellow 30-seater bus takes you over Westminster Bridge, around Parliament Square then up Whitehall towards Trafalgar Square. You see sights of some of London’s oldest and most prestigious shops around St James’ and towards Victoria to spot the statue of Queen Victoria outside Buckingham Palace (we even took a detour through Belgravia due to bad traffic). The final sights are the iconic buildings of MI5 and MI6 situated on opposite sides of the Thames, before going ahead with what makes this tour so different to all the others in London.

London Duck Tour | Essential Twenty

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We all know that you can do a variety of open top bus tours in London. We all know you can do a boat trip along the Thames which includes the odd bit of commentary. But the London Duck Tours are different. Not only do you get a tour of the key spots in London’s West End, you also get a Splashdown into the Thames. Once on the Thames, you travel down from MI6 all the way to the House of Parliament for an unobstructed view then back up before getting back on dry land. The last sights include Lambeth Palace and St Thomas’ Hospital before heading back to where you started not far from the London Eye.

I was super impressed with the tour, and our tour guide really knew his stuff. I learnt a lot about London that I didn’t know before. Unfortunately the London Duck Tours are coming to an end as the jetty that the ‘splashdown’ takes place on is being reclaimed, but if you are free between now and September it’s definitely worth a look at. The company also offers a variety of other tours that if I get the chance I may book onto one – the City of London Tour and the D-Day Duck Tour both look fab!

House of Parliament: London Duck Tour | Essential Twenty

Thanks for having me London Duck Tours, I will be singing your praises until long after you have to close.

*I received a pair of tickets for the Classic Sightseeing London Duck Tour for PR purposes. All opinions are my own. Please see my disclaimer for further information.

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