It’s Beginning To Smell A Lot Like Christmas

Some people wear the same scents all year through; others switch to something a little deeper in the winter with more floral scents being found about their persons through the warmer months. I switch it up each year, with this year I’ve been opting for the deeper scents, although they can be quite heavy for some people.


If you’re not convinced you can pull off something a little heavier, you might want to check out The Library Of Fragrance, and their vast array of colognes.

Offering a variety of scents at a low price, you can’t go wrong picking these up. I personally own the four pictured, but if you want something a bit more fun they offer perfumes in PizzaDirt, New BabyPlay-Doh, and Whiskey Tobacco – definitely different!

All the scents that I have are perfect for the festive season, with a variety of sweet and spicy smells. Egg Nog* isn’t something that I’ve ever had (something about an eggy drink makes me want to wretch so I’ve steered clear), but I can imagine the scent and this is exactly what it smells like in my head. Festive, creamy, spicy and sugary, it’s the perfect Christmas fragrance. It’s how I imagine Butterbeer to smell.

Christmas In New York* isn’t as sweet, so if you prefer something with more of a spicy feel then I’d pick this one up. Combining apples, chestnuts, and all things quintessentially Christmas, this fragrance screams getting toasty after a day of Christmas shopping.

Despite their scents not having a gender, I think that Myrrh* is a little more masculine than the others. Still being a little spicy and having a festive edge (the three kings are important in the nativity), I’d recommend this to anybody who loves a woody base to a fragrance as opposed to something too sweet.


And last but not least is Iced Berries*, which is the only one of the four that wasn’t released for the 2016 Christmas collection. This is my favourite scent, as it is a sweet and not necessarily festive, but can be worn all year around. A crisp and cool blend of raspberries, blueberries and blackberries which is warmed by a touch of cinnamon makes this the perfect all around fragrance.

All of these colognes can be layered to give a unique scent by mixing and matching, and I’m particularly partial to the Myrrh/Iced Berries combo of late. I love the woody undertones that are softened by the fruitiness of Iced Berries – I highly recommend the combination!

I’ve even been jazzing up some of my wrapping and bedding to make everything a little bit more festive by spritzing these everywhere. I want my whole life to be Christmassy and these are definitely doing the job.

The Library Of Fragrance cologne sprays retail for £15 for 30ml and can be bought on their website, at Boots and even at TK Maxx if you’re lucky (I’ve spotted them there in the past)! My next additions have got to be Gin & TonicCaribbean Sea and Sandalwood…so what are you waiting for? Pick up some fragrances now!


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