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As I mentioned on Monday, I have big plans for my two weeks off in a couple of weeks. This includes a big overhaul on my blog photography. I find photography particularly difficult but my new camera lens arrived yesterday and I’ve recently picked up a ton of props so I’m hoping I’ll be more inspired next week. To keep my brain ticking over until then, I’ve been reading a lot of photo tips from other bloggers and today I’m sharing my favourites.

Katie’s from Katie-Middleton post on how she improved her blog photography is one of my favourite improvement posts. I love seeing the before and after shots, and I know first hand how much she’s tried with her photos recently. They’re seriously goals!

Hayley from TeaPartyBeauty has a few posts to do with photography that I love. The first is mastering the flat lay, which is a must read if you struggle with the coveted blogger flat lay. She’s pretty much flat lay queen and I can’t wait to put these tips into action! Another photography post that Hayley has written that is particularly useful if you’re not sure about editing is the post on how she edits her blog photos. I use the same editor as she does, but I need to properly learn how to use it!

Pink Pot Studio has a post all about their top 20 photography hacks, which is definitely a great read! Sometimes going back to basics is really the best way, and this talks about the simple points that you often forget about.

Thirteen Thoughts‘ post on how to take bright photos for your blog is another fab post to peruse. I love bright white photos and this post talks all about the set up required for creating these bright pictures.

Other posts I love are a beginner’s guide to blog photography and styling, tips for styling blog posts, how I take my photos and how to improve the quality of your blog images in seconds.

A post I was going to put together until everyone started doing it (and I don’t want to look like I’m copying so I’m holding back for a bit) is a ‘where to buy blog props’ post. Whilst I’m sure I will put this together shortly, I want to share some of my favourites:

I personally love posts that share various photography tips as they really inspire me, what about you? Let me know if you’ve written any posts along these lines so that I can get some more inspo for my time off.

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