My Ideal Christmas Eve Box

Blogmas Day 15: My Ideal Christmas Eve Box | Essential TWenty

Christmas Eve boxes didn’t exist when I was growing up. Or maybe they did, and it just wasn’t something my parents bought into. I do know of a few families who’d get new PJs every Christmas Eve, but we definitely weren’t one of those families. Now Christmas Eve has its own present opening celebration with a box to open early. There’s quite a few things that I know I’d put in my ideal Christmas Eve box, and I might be able to help you if you’re stuck for ideas and you are responsible for putting one together. 

Linking to my childhood envy, first up I’d have to have a brand spanking new set of Christmas pyjamas. I’ve seen tons I love this year, mainly in the supermarkets, and surely they’re a must in an ideal Christmas Eve box? I’ve actually already treated myself to a couple of sleepwear items from Primark knowing I won’t have the illusive Christmas Eve box. 

Next up would have to be a Christmas decoration. Every year as children my aunt sent a glass bauble from the USA which had the year painted on, and usually came from a trip she’d taken. Whilst I don’t often buy anything with years on myself, I couldn’t help myself when Katie showed me a bauble her mum bought her. I spotted it in Wilko a few weeks later and snapped it up – it works for this year’s Blogmas pics! 

Would it be Christmas if you didn’t eat your body weight in food? I never buy myself ‘nice’ chocolate, but if someone bought me something festive from Hotel Chocolat I wouldn’t complain! Maybe a child wouldn’t care too much and any old festive chocolates would do. My personal favourites are Cadbury Snowballs and Malteaser Reindeer – yum!

My Ideal Christmas Eve Box | Essential Twenty

I’m far too busy on Christmas Eve watching Christmas films, scoffing sausage rolls and drinking mulled wine to actually read a book, but if you’re filling a Christmas Eve box for a child then I think I book is a lovely idea. One of my colleagues has bought a Christmas book every year since having children almost 30 years ago and had continued the tradition for her grandchildren, which is a tradition I’m definitely going to adopt one day. 

I’ve recorded loads of Christmas films on Christmas 24 to watch throughout December (and November too, I managed 5 one weekend whilst making soup and a roast dinner). However, there’s something satisfying about taking cellophane wrapping off a new DVD so a Christmas film would be a happy welcome to my ideal Christmas Eve box. 

Settling down with a hot cup of…whatever you fancy is definitely a wonderful way to finish Christmas Eve. A brand new Christmas mug would be a brilliant final gift for me in a Christmas Eve box, and I picked up a wonderful little one from Sainsbury’s last month which has appeared in a few of my Blogmas posts so far. 

There’s so many other things you can add to a Christmas Eve box, such a cuddly toys, a new Christmas jumper or pair of socks, a festive bath product or a new plate for Santa’s mince pies and Rudolph’s carrot. And for adults you can even add a candle (extra points for festive scents), or a miniature tipple of their choosing. Sure, it’s another consumer lead tradition but I think it’s a lovely one for young children. So that’s my ideal Christmas Eve box, what would be in yours? 

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