I Survived University!

If you saw my PSA on Tuesday, you’ll know that I graduated this week and I could not be prouder of myself. I had a frickin’ tough three years and I was close to throwing the towel in a few times but I didn’t, and I am a graduate.


My name is Sophie Mills BSc like what on Earth? Don’t worry, I don’t think I’ll ever be referring to myself as that ever again.

The day was too hot; I’d sweated all my makeup off by 9am (my ceremony was at 9:45) and I had major thigh chafe. I think I’d have rather graduated in the rain! But it was wonderful to graduate with my family around me.

Unfortunately none of my friends graduated with me as I had some major MH issues last year and couldn’t face doing a placement with them, so they still have another year left. And I’m terrified I’m going to lose them as friends. I’m sure it won’t be the case but I can’t help but worry about it. We’ll just have to see.

I’m so relieved to have finished uni after the nightmares of anxiety and depression diagnoses, falling out with all of my housemates, a dislocated knee and appendicitis (all within a year of each other). I even got a first in my dissertation! I’m scared about the next chapter of my life, but I’m also really excited to see what life brings. Hopefully money, a job and maybe a masters next year


First ever picture of my family on my blog. Isn’t that fun! 

Next week expect more fun graduation posts, rather than ‘I’m scared because I’m a real adult’, because if you can’t do your makeup and pack a dream bag for graduation then when can you?

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