Half A Sixpence Closing Night, Noel Coward Theatre | Review (Closing Night)

Half A Sixpence Closing Night | Essential Twenty

I love the theatre, but I never really pay attention to closing night of shows. But that all changed with Half A Sixpence. I saw the show back in June and knew I only had three months to watch it again, so why not make it closing night?

I spent a couple of weeks raving about the show to one of my colleagues so she came with me, and whilst my seat wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first time, it was still fine for £15. This post isn’t about the show itself, but more about a theatre experience is if you want to know more about it please read my original review!

Closing night was a very different experience for me compared to see the production around 2/3 of the way through its run. To begin with, the family members of the cast and crew were bound to be in the audience. They were cheering and applauding an actor’s first appearance and the end of each number got a much larger round of applause. The laughs were bigger, the applauses were longer and the audience even sang along. And the stage door was much busier!

Half A Sixpence Closing Night | Essential Twenty

Not only this, but the producers and creative team were in the audience. Whilst I half expected Tommy Steele to make an appearance, I wasn’t shocked that he did. What I was interested to see was Cameron Mackintosh walk out onto stage after the curtain call. Yes, I expected this, but it was fascinating to hear what he had to say during closing night. 

If you’re off to see a closing night performance, especially of a west end show, expect to make it home that little bit later. I personally didn’t wait at the stage door after this particular performance as I’m sure the cast had a party to be at or family to meet and greet, but I can imagine waiting would’ve git me home closer to the 2am mark!

I have strong opinions about cheering in the theatre which maybe I’ll voice on here one day, but the audience will always go against my views on the very last performance. If I love a cast or a show, I will definitely attend a closing night performance again, but it would take a lot for me to do it.

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