Life Update #1: The One Where I Joined The Gym

Life Update #1: The One Where I Joined The Gym | Essential Twenty

My life seems to be work, eat, blog, sleep, repeat. All the time. But not anymore, oh no. I said that I want to see more of the world, heck, I just want to see more of the country! Oh, and definitely write about my experiences too. That means that if I rely on my life experiences to fill out my blog I have to keep experiencing things right? Well that’s what I’m here to do on Sundays from here on in if I’ve got anything of note to tell you. And it’s all starting with me joining the gym. Yes, you read that correctly – I joined the gym!

Back before my appendectomy, I really enjoyed going to the gym. Yet 18 months on, I hadn’t stepped foot into a gym. No wait, that’s a huge lie. I go into a gym a lot at work but I don’t do anything in the gym. And this week I did two 30 minute sessions of cardio. Are you proud of me?

Life Update #1: The One Where I Joined The Gym | Essential Twenty

Now I’ve got some aspirations when it comes to me joining the gym, but I’m going to be saving them for a later post. Over the next few weeks I want to get into a routine as well as finding meals and snacks that I love but are still healthy (no more chips for Soph). Leafing through my cookbooks is one of my favourite things to do so I’ve been extremely happy spending my evenings doing that this week!

Other than joining the gym, there’s very little else I’ve been up to this week. I did spend the day in Brighton yesterday which I’ll obviously be sharing with you in the upcoming weeks, as well as writing a grand total of 5 posts whilst on the train. It’s been a long time since I bulk wrote any posts and I’ll hopefully write some more up today as well as taking all of the photos. Basically, this week has been a ‘get my bum in gear because the nights are drawing in and soon I’ll just want to light candles and hide under the duvet’ week. Yes, I’m finally getting back to the old me!

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