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Gousto Delivery | Essential Twenty

I’ve always been intrigued by companies that deliver food to your door, ready and waiting to be cooked by you. I’m not talking supermarkets, but companies than deliver everything weighed out and you simply put it together. Honestly, the part of cooking that I find the hardest is choosing what to make! A few weeks ago I didn’t have that problem, thanks to Gousto.

Gousto are one of the companies that send you the ingredients preweighed and you just cook it. With a variety of different choices each week, you’ll never been stuck for a meal again! I actually found it really difficult to narrow down exactly which meals I wanted to make.

Taking just 3 days to deliver after picking your chosen foods, and all coming in a box that stays cool for a full 24 hours it’s a lifesaver for those of us who are out at a 9-5. They even deliver on Sundays! These boxes are definitely perfect for dinner parties when you don’t know what to cook, with each menu choice coming in portions of 2 or 4.

Gousto Burger | Essential Twenty

The day after the box arrived, I cooked the Open Burger with Rosemary Chips*, which definitely wasn’t the healthiest option but it tasted bloomin’ delicious. With all the ingredients preweighed, I simply had to chop things and throw them into pans. What I was most chuffed with was the tomato sauce! I’m not a tomato sauce lover (stick it in a bacon or sausage sarnie and I’m all about the ketchup life, but I’m not so keep on it at any other times), but this was beautiful and definitely something I’ll make again for summer barbecues.

The second recipe I made from the box was the One Pot Bacon & Courgette Pasta*. I love pasta, and I love one post dishes (aka less washing up) so this was an obvious choice for me! This, too, was also delicious. Minimal effort but maximum results, and it’s another recipe I’ll definitely be making in the future. Just don’t do what I did and read the recipe slightly wrong and add way too much stock.

Gousto One Pot Spaghetti | Essential Twenty

There were a fair few vegetarian options for the box, probably around 25% of recipes, which is always nice to see. There are only two complaints I have regarding the box. The first is that specialist equipment isn’t labelled on the recipes online, so you may not have what you need when the box arrives. Whilst a pestle and mortar is 3rd on my cookware wishlist, I don’t yet own one. As there was no heads up in advance, didn’t realise I’d need one for the basil oil that was part of the burger recipe. The second thing for me is the price. On my wage, it’s just not financially viable for me to receive a Gousto box on a weekly basis. Plus, if I did it would negate my ridiculous cookbook collection as I would have no need for the books anymore!

Despite my two slightly negative comments, I did really enjoy this box. It wouldn’t be a weekly thing for me but I would definitely consider buying a box for a dinner party or. If you want to try this box, you can get £20 off your first two orders by using the code TORNADO. That means you can receive a box for as little as £7.49! I don’t gain anything from sharing this code with you, it’s just something that you get to try.

What do you think about these types of subscription boxes? I’d definitely be tempted to try them again in the future!

*These products were sent to me for PR purposes
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