My England Travel Bucket List

Last week I shared the 4 places in London I wanted to visit the most, and I’ve already managed to visit one! I’ve been thinking further afield, and this week is all about places on my wish list to visit in England. I have a few more places in the UK I’d like to see too, but I’m going to start with my home nation.


The birth place of Shakespeare, and a beautiful looking town, is surely a must visit for any theatre and travel fan. I just have these images of stepping back into Elizabethan England when I think of visiting Stratford. Whilst they definitely push the Shakespeare onto you in all the tourist information I’ve ever read, it’s got to be worth a trip just the once!


Another beautiful looking city, Canterbury is a place that is constantly cropping up on my Instagram feed. Instagram definitely fuels the travel fire! Being an ex-cathedral school student, there’s something about visiting cathedrals that brings me a weird joy and Canterbury has got to be one of the most famous ones to visit in England. Plus, I’m dying to take a stroll down the river.


I can’t believe that in 23 years I’ve never ventured to Bath. With beautiful roman architecture, it’s a history fan’s dream! If I can get to Brighton and back in a day, Bath isn’t that much further (just a completely different direction) in terms of journey time. Can you tell I just love stunning architecture? So I can’t miss Bath off my list!



Living in Cambridgeshire, I’m obviously a supporter of Cambridge on the big varsity river race. However, I’ve heard brilliant things about Oxford and I think it’s high time to take a visit. I’m also a bit of a Harry Potter buff so I think I need to take a visit to some of the grounds they used for the set of the films. Being only a couple of hours away, it seems so daft that I’ve never taken the trip.


A good ol’ northern city had to be thrown in, and in all my life I’ve never visited the north-east. Other than Edinburgh (which I visited via the west coast), the furthest north I’ve travelled up the east coast of the UK is York. That’s not even that north! I definitely need to take a trip to this party town of dreams, and finally cross seeing the Angel of the North off my bucket list.

Obviously there are so many more places I need to visit in the UK, but right now these are the ones at the top of my bucket list. I don’t actually have time to visit them in 2017, but I’m making travel a priority in 2018 and definitely have to take a trip to a couple of these destinations, if not all. Why even live in such a beautiful country such as England and not make the most of being so close to wonderful cities and towns?

Which English towns and cities have caught your eye? And why not big up your town to me? I’m always looking for somewhere new to visit!

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