Early 2018 Treats

Early 2018 Treats | Essential Twenty

Recently I found myself splurging and buying a few treats to myself – a belated valentine from me to me? It started as a blog prop splurge to help me up my photography game (it’s one of my goals for this year but I’ve been lacking the motivation; I hope this helps), but this included a few books that I could use in photos…and some makeup. Hey, this girl deserves a treat every now and again!

There have been a couple of books in people’s blog photos and mentioned across a variety of videos that I just had to pick up. I often see Capture Your Style: Transform Your Instagram Images, Showcase Your Life & Build The Ultimate Platform by Aimee Song in Sophie‘s instagram posts and across her blog, and since I’m ready to really get back into insta next month I was so game to pick this up. I also picked up Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women by Otegha Uwagba, which I’ve had my eye on since Anna mentioned it last summer in a video (I think…it might’ve been a blog post). I’ve needed some blog motivation for some time and hopefully these two titles will kick me up the proverbial, as well as being fabulous treats to myself.

Early 2018 Treats | Essential Twenty

Another treat, which was actually a treat to myself at the end of January but it’s still in the box (because I was waiting to take some pictures of it #bloggerproblems) is the Kat Von D London Calling Volume II set. Containing a liquid lipstick, a studded kiss lipstick and the cult favourite tattoo liner, I had to treat myself when Debenhams were offering 15% off! I also picked up a couple of everyone’s Glossier favourites. The Glossier Cloud Paint in Dusk has been all over social media, as well as the Glossier Balm Dotcom in Original, so I took the plunge when I was topping up mine and mum’s Boy Brow stashes (I’ve definitely converted her). I haven’t used the Cloud Paint yet because I’ve not been experimenting too much with makeup recently, but the Balm Dotcom definitely feels like an overpriced Vaseline so far. I can’t say I’m sold.

As previously mentioned, I’ve also bought a brand new blog set up. A new background, a ton of new props, a couple of scarves to add texture to photos, and an obscenely expensive notebook. Yep, all just for blog photos. My bank account is crying, but you’ll start to see new bits creep into photos in the coming weeks.

Early 2018 Treats | Essential Twenty

It’s important to treat yourself every now and again, and that’s what I’ve done over the past few weeks! What treats have you picked up for yourself recently? Let me live vicariously through your spends.

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