December So Far

Blogmas Day 16 | Essential Twenty
Today’s post was going to be all about my trip to Lincoln Christmas Market, but I had another idea. Whilst I could’ve taken a ton of photos, as I was spending time with someone else I just stopped thinking about Essential Twenty for a bit. I enjoyed the day (apart from getting elbowed by a really rude woman pushing past me to get on the train) away from my camera and instead I’m talking about everything I’ve done through December so far. 

I spent the first week of December ill which was awful. I was off work from the 30th of November until the 5th of December, and I was gutted because I was supposed to be seeing some friends. I still went to Jack’s like I’d planned and kept him awake all night with my coughing, and by the Saturday I’d made a pretty miraculous recovery. I met my uni friend’s 10 week old baby, I had fun at Leeds Christmas Market (no post this year, but I have talked about it before) and we had a few drinks. I definitely thought I’d be back at work in the Monday but I pushed myself too hard too soon, so my fun Saturday lead to a painful Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. 

December So Far | Essential Twenty

Other festive things I’ve done this month include going to Lincoln Christmas Market last weekend with a colleague. We drank mulled wine and tea, we shopped and we chatted. It was just a fun day out, and it snowed a little bit too. I’ve watched a ton of Christmas films which I’ll be talking all about closers to Christmas, and I’ve been doing more puzzles than you can imagine (I mean being off sick probably had something to do with that). 

Today has been a little bit of write off and I am setting this post to go live almost 14 hours later than intended. Yesterday was my work Christmas do and I drank approximately an entire bottle of wine more than I had planned. Work is a bad influence! As my manager was off last year nothing ever happened around Christmas (other than Secret Santa, but I did get something cool in that) so this year it’s a little different. We arranged a meal, we’ve done away with Secret Santa and donated to someone more in need instead, and we got really drunk.

Today was spent decorating the house in time for the big day next week but for now I need to lie down, because the hangover from hell is still in appearance. But December is for partying so that’s what I did! How has your December been so far?

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