A Christmas Puzzle Haul

Christmas Puzzle Haul | Essential Twenty
I’m a jigsaw puzzle addict at the moment. There was a 4 day period in November where I completed three 500 piece puzzles and finished off a 1000 piece one. With Christmas rolling in, and me convincing Jack that jigsaw puzzles are the best thing ever, I’ve picked up a few – or far too many – Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles. Yes, there is zero chance of me completing them all before the Christmas period ends but your girl is going to do her best. Get ready for all of the Christmas Puzzle chat!

500 Pieces

500 piece puzzles are easily completed in a day, if you’re not doing anything else. The Falcon De Luxe Christmas Shopping puzzle was the first Christmas puzzle I put together this year, and it wasn’t the easiest in terms of image as this was an obvious painting, but the pieces were a good shape so it was an alright one to do. It was a great festive start to the year.
The Gibsons Bourton At Christmas puzzle was the first Christmas puzzle I picked up this year with the intention of taking it to work, but it sat at the bottom of my puzzle pile and never made it in. I completed this one last week when I was off ill, and it was so much harder than I was expecting it to be!
Christmas Puzzle Haul | Essential Twenty
I also picked up a couple of 500 piece puzzles from The Works which I took to work (puzzle club on a lunch time, I am actually an old lady) so I haven’t got these in my haul. We exclusively do cheap or previously done puzzles at work right now, and these count as cheap. Sorry, I guess.

1000 Pieces

Most of the 1000 piece Christmas puzzles I’ve picked up this year have been part of a set, and these have all been from Falcon De Luxe. Whilst there are some beautiful ones from Ravensburger and Gibsons, buying in a multipack is just far more cost effective (especially when one of these sets I got for £6 brand new. I think there was an error somewhere because that’s crazy cheap).
Christmas Puzzle Haul | Essential Twenty
The Falcon De Luxe All Ready For Christmas Set contains two puzzles, one with Santa and the Santa Express, and the other with Santa sewing. The latter is quite creepy if you ask me. I also picked this puzzle set up for a friend who also enjoys a Christmas puzzle or two as her main Christmas present.
The Falcon De Luxe Christmas Collection 2 Set contains three jigsaws: Santa Travels By Foot, Santa Travels By Train and Santa Travels by Sleigh. The final 1000 piece Christmas puzzle set I picked up was the Falcon De Luxe Christmas Collection 3 Set, also containing three jigsaw puzzles. The three puzzles are Santa’s Arrival, Santa by the Fire and Santa Leave by Sleigh. The puzzles across the sets aren’t dissimilar, but remind me of the Gibsons 4 x 500 sets that I enjoy: they all differ slightly but are set in the same time and place. If the Falcon De Luxe Christmas Collection 1 Set goes down in price I may have to pick that up too!
The other couple of Christmas 1000 piece jigsaws I’ve picked up were under £6 on Amazon. I was watching and watching for these to go down so I’m chuffed! The Waddingtons The Christmas Snowman is a 1000 piece puzzle that features Santa holding up a snowglobe, but within the picture are all the parts of the 12 days of Christmas. I think this is a lovely touch, and great for children to look at later. But with 1000 pieces, they probably shouldn’t take part unless they really insist. The very last Christmas puzzle that I bought in the lead up to December is the King Santa Playing Outside puzzle. I’ve never done a King puzzle before so I have no idea what the quality will be like, but this just looked like a really sweet jigsaw.
Christmas Puzzle Haul | Essential Twenty
I’ve got my eye on a few other puzzles, including the Gibsons 4 x 500 Piece Magic Of Christmas, Gibsons 4 x 500 Piece Winter About Town, Gibsons 1000 Piece The Village Christmas Tree, and the Ravensburger 1000 Piece Christmas Library, but I think I’ve got plenty of puzzles to be getting on with for the time being! I might even have to pull out a 1000 piece Christmas puzzle a friend bought me a few years back. We’ll see how far I get through them.
Maybe I’ve gone a little overboard this year, but I’m a big fan of puzzles right now and hope to make this a bit more of a tradition in the coming years.
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