Getting Christmas Party Ready

For the past three Christmases I’ve been a student. For two of those years, the entirety of December was a big party, and I spent most of December on crutches in the final year. However, being a working girl now I’ve been invited to drinks for Christmas, and I want to make myself look my best.


There are a few easy ways to make yourself Christmas party ready in a pinch, especially if it’s a quick rush job after work.

I’m the first to admit that I’m pants at hair removal. I just don’t do it because it’s so boring. Possibly TMI? But waxing is so easy and I don’t know why I don’t use at home strips more often. Probably because it’s more painful than shaving…but maybe that’ll all change. Waxing lasts longer than shaving, meaning one session early in the season will keep you smooth for the entirety of the festive season which is basically the dream. I’ve been using the Parissa Wax Strips*, which come in a variety of sizes, perfect for body and face. If I wasn’t scared I’d tear my eyebrows off (and rely on threading), I’d definitely be reaching for the brow strips.


For the best type of pamper, grab a face mask. Recently I’ve been really into sheet masks (despite me cracking up every time I use them because they look hilarious), especially if I need a hydration boost. Give yourself fifteen minutes the night before, or the evening of, your big do and get your skin glowing! I’ve used a few sheet masks in the past year, but I’m definitely still new the the trend, but thanks to Timeless Truth Apple Collagen Mask* and the Beauty Pro Rejuvenating Collagen Mask With Green Tea Extract* my face has never felt younger (probably all those anti-ageing properties of collagen soaking into my face). Both of these masks made my face feeler plumper, and not in a festive ‘I’ve eaten too much food’ way, and smoother and I’d definitely give them another spin if I got my hands on them.


My favourite fake tan is definitely the St Moriz Self Tanning Mousse, which strictly speaking isn’t quick. But if you know you want to tan, then you’re obviously going to plan that well in advance. This tan is a bargain (thank you Body Care, how I miss you now I live back down south) and is the perfect tan if you’re a newbie. Because it shows up fairly dark initially, you can see where you’ve hit and it only take a few minutes to tan your entire body!


You obviously can’t forget your fragrance (why not try one of the festive offerings from The Library of Fragrance?), but what about something to spruce up your hair? The Toni & Guy Illuminating Hair Perfume* is the perfect way to do this for you Christmas do. Thanks to its combination of zesty and floral scents, this gives you hair an air of salon blow dried which you’ve managed to save a small fortune on at home. It also boosts your hair’s shine if it is looking a little lackluster in these cooler months. I’ve actually been using this after every hair wash (a little extravagant, I’m aware), but it makes me feel a little more ‘with it’ as I head to work in the morning.


And a finishing touch? A few weeks ago, I reviewed the KISS Press On Nails*, and whilst they weren’t suitable for me for every day use, I’m convinced I’ll get use out of them over Christmas. KISS have brought out a range of more party-ready nails, including these beautiful blue glitter nails. If you’re out drinking and having a great time, these are definitely a show stealer (the colour of the glitter on these is to die for)!


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