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Around September time, I said to myself I wanted to a watch a Christmas film every day in December. A very easy challenge for myself. When Christmas 24 launched, I couldn’t  actually wait until December so I have watched more than this, but since a sick day at the back end of November meant I started my Christmas movie watch a few days early. But this was okay since I had a few days out meaning I was too busy to watch.

It’s now Christmas Eve and I haven’t quite successfully completed my Christmas movie advent calendar. But I’ve treated it as a beauty advent calendar: 12 days of Christmas. Get yourself a mince pie and write yourself a list of movies to watch next Christmas.

Most of the films I’ve watched have a pretty similar plot, but I can’t help but watch them. Christmas films are usually really easy to follow meaning I have been able to blog whilst watching them which has been a bit of a godsend through blogmas. I’ve tried to include films that you might not have heard of, as well as everyone’s favourites which I bought on DVD last Christmas, which were mainly found on Christmas 24 (usually Hallmark movies).

Hitched For The Holidays, 2012

A television movie, like most of the ones I find myself watching through the festive season, Hitched For The Holidays stars Joey Lawrence and Emily Hampshire. After being criticised by his family about his inability to hold down a relationship through the festive period, Rob aims to fulfil his dying grandmother’s wish. Yes, he tells her he’s met the one. Online, Rob find Emily, another singleton with a meddling family, and they pose as a couple to get their families off their backs. But it gets complicated trying to keep the lie going.

Marry Me At Christmas, 2017

Madeleine (Rachel Skarsten) owns a bridal shop that could be going out of business any day, and somehow finds herself organising a wedding for the sister of film star Jonny Blaze (Trevor Donovan, who played Teddy in 90210 – one of my favourites). Helping Madeleine plan the perfect wedding, Jonny falls for her but does Madeleine feel the same when she gets to spend a few weeks organising a Christmas wedding with her celebrity crush?

Christmas Cookies, 2016

I watched Christmas Cookies last year and couldn’t wait to watch it again. Aunt Sally’s Christmas Cookie Company based in Cookie Jar is due to be shut down by Hannah (Jill Wagner) after a large company buys it. But this seemingly simple task isn’t so simple when the factory owner Jake (Wes Brown) is determined to keep the factory going. Hannah isn’t a fan of Christmas, but the small town spirit sweeps her up, as well as falling in love. It’s not as simple as she thought it would be to shut down Aunt Sally’s Christmas Cookie Company.

A Very Merry Mix Up, 2013

Another film that I fell in love with last Christmas was A Very Merry Mix Up. Alice (Alicia Witt) is terrified at the prospect at meeting her future in-laws at Christmas, especially because she’s arriving before her new fiancé, Will Mitchum (Scott Gibson). Losing her luggage and damaging her phone, she has no real way to find  manages to find her future brother-in-law, Matt Mitchum, at baggage claim. Alice meets Matt’s family, and falls in love with the traditions, but leading to an unexpected romance at Christmas, Alice must decide whether this merry mix up is actually her destiny.

My Christmas Dream, 2016

Department store manager Christina (Danica McKellar) is up for promotion: manager at the brand new store in Paris. Setting out to impress the store’s owner by creating the best holiday display in its history, Christina turns to Kurt (David Haydn-Jones), a recently fired employee who happens to be a talented artist. He’s also a single dad to Christina’s new found best friend. But will she choose family life or her dream job in Paris?

Elf, 2003

Everyone’s watched Elf, right? I can’t not have a Christmas movie binge without including one of my all time favourites. Buddy the Elf is raised in the North Pole, but after finding out his father is on the naughty list, he heads to New York City to rectify this. But his dad is having none of it!

A Cinderella Christmas, 2016

Angie (Emma Rigby, who will forever be Hannah Ashworth from Hollyoaks to me) runs her uncle’s events business whilst her cousin takes all the credit. After organising Nicholas’ Christmasquerade ball and attends uninvited, she catches his eye. But Angie is a mystery woman, running off before revealing her identity, leaving Nicholas on the hunt for his dream woman. A typical Cinderella story.

A December Bride, 2016

Starring Jessica Lowndes, A December Bride tells the story of an aspiring interior designer attending her dream wedding. Unfortunately it’s her ex-fiancé’s and her cousin’s wedding, so not the happy beginning. After accepting an invitation of a date from the man who introduced the happy couple, she becomes wrapped up in a lie. The lie of her and her mystery man’s engagement.

The Santa Clause, 1994

Probably my favourite Christmas film of all is The Santa Clause. Whilst having custody of his son during Christmas Eve, Scott Calvin accidentally kills Father Christmas. By donning the suit, he signs the Santa clause and becomes Santa himself. This is the first of three in a series, but the first is by far the best!

Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas, 2000

How The Grinch Stole Christmas is an annual watch for me, and Jack and I snuck it in this week. Everyone in Whoville loves Christmas; everyone other than The Grinch. The Grinch takes revenge on the town that has always done him wrong and steals Christmas from the town until he learns what Christmas is all about. I’m interested how the animated version starring Benedict Cumberbatch turns out next year!

Christmas In Homestead, 2016

A world famous actress heads to Homestead to film a Christmas film around the holidays. With Homestead being Christmas-obsessed, it’s the perfect location! But she gets swept up in the romance of it all and discovers the true meaning of Christmas, as well as falling for the single father of her biggest fan.

A Christmas Prince, 2017

I couldn’t not watch the most talked about Christmas film of 2017 now, could I? A reporter goes undercover to investigate the king-to-be, and poses as the tutor to the future King’s little sister. But in true Christmas fashion, she can’t just keep herself to herself and finds herself falling in love with the prince.

In yesterday’s post, I shared Hannah’s Favourite Hallmark Movies and there are a few on there I haven’t mentioned, so maybe take a peak at those next Christmas if you’re not sold on all of these!


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