Why I’m Skint: Christmas Clothing

Christmas Clothes Haul | Essential Twenty

This year I’ve gone a bit mad on three things: Christmas jigsaw puzzles, Christmas presents and Christmas clothing, specifically pyjamas and socks. I have a bit of a thing where I treat myself to a new jumper each year, or at least that’s what I tell myself. This year’s single new jumper has become more than just a jumper and a t-shirt, as well as plenty of sock sets, and three pairs of pyjamas. Christmas Day is so close now, and you might not have picked up the exact clothing you want to wear. Maybe this post will help. Then again, maybe it won’t as we’re crazily close to the big day and I know I can’t bring myself to go shopping!

So I was going to take all sorts of fashion pics but I chickened out at the last minute – sorry!


Christmas clothing is such a downfall of mine, especially with all the alcohol related clothing available (very apt for this time of year, and could go nicely alongside some of the bits in my gift guide for foodies). Prosecco-ho-ho has been a big theme this year, and my prosecco t-shirt was a ridiculously cheap buy. For just £2.50, Primark sorted me right out! There are jumpers available in the likes of Asda and online retailers with a similar stance, but this was just a fun buy back in October.

I also treated myself to a snowman and penguin t-shirt from Primark, a Dachshund t-shirt from New Look and a super cute gingerbread man jumper from Primark. In the sales I’m also going to be treating myself to a new Christmas cardigan if I can find something I like.


Every year I treat myself to a pack of Christmas socks, this year it was three. What are you going to do? Of course Primark was my go-to for festive foot warmers but I picked up a little something from Tesco too. I got a pack of some super cute snowflake socks, a pack of The Grinch socks and some lovely little dachshund socks from Tesco.


I don’t really know what happened with the pyjamas buys this year, but I’ve got a selection: a nightie, a fluffy pair and a normal pair. All of them were under £10 per set so they won’t break your budget by any stretch. The first couple of sets were from Primark. A bought a Grinch nightshirt for a mere £5, and whilst it’s sometimes a little too cold for bare legs in the winter, when I’m sharing a bed with Jack it gets a bit too toasty for my liking. For just £7, I bought a super fluffy set to wear when the bitter winter arrives. These are definitely for climbing into after a long day at work!

The final set of PJs, and the final item of Christmas clothing, I’ve picked up this year is the #SantaSquad pyjamas from Asda. For just £8, these were available for the whole family. Yes, I am now part of a couple that owns matching pyjamas because I’ve bought these for Jack as a Christmas present. Well, an early one as I wanted us to have them before Christmas. Unfortunately, he wouldn’t wear the top but we had matching bottoms for a couple of days!

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