My Christmas Bucket List For 2018

Blogmas Day 20: Christmas Bucket List | Essential Twenty

In my first year of blogmas, I compiled a bucket list. It didn’t go too successfully as about a third of the way through the month I dislocated my knee and that put a bit of a dampener on things. I considered putting together one at the start of blogmas 2017, but ended up not getting around to it. So here I am today, with my 2018 Christmas Bucket List.

Go To A Panto

This year I was desperate to go to Dick Whittington At The Palladium; I even mentioned it in my London at Christmas post. I was a huge fan of Charlie Stemp in Half A Sixpence and really wanted to see him before he heads over to Broadway in Hello, Dolly! but it’s obviously not meant to be (unless I can sneak in a little trip in January before it closes). But next year I’m determined to head to the panto. Hey, I write theatre reviews so I can definitely get away with going without a child in tow.

Visit Birmingham Christmas Market

I’ve wanted to go to Birmingham Christmas Market since 2006 so I have no idea why I’ve not managed a trip yet. By the time December rolls around I never want to spend more than an hour travelling anywhere (other than seeing family) because it’s just too crowded, so I always chicken out. I might not manage a European Market trip, but I’m definitely going to take a trip to the midlands for this market.

Cook More

I had all these grand plans of gingerbread houses and brand new Christmas day dishes this year, but I was a total failure on that front. Instead of trying out all these recipes after work, I came home and did puzzles. I’m literally regressing back to a child-like state day by day. Next year I’ve got to try to up my cooking game and put together some great new recipes for the Christmas season!

Get My Blogmas Bum In Gear

I’ve really struggled with blogmas this year, so next year I’m getting organised. Some of the posts I wanted to do I’ve been unable to as I’ve just not had time to get the photos sorted. Again, blame the jigsaws. I do really love blogmas, and on my 2018 Christmas bucket list: get everything finished by mid-December. Yes, by December 15th I want to be completely finished. This will probably mean getting press products in line over the summer but if that’s the case then that’s how it’ll have to be. Next year is going to be the year for me!

The Odd Extras

There are a few extra little bits that I want to put on my Christmas bucket list, that don’t require too much chatting about.

– Get my hands dirty with a little bit of Pinterest DIY

– Have a proper Christmas movie duvet day

– Make my own cards (maybe, I say this every year and every year I decide against it)

– Go to a carol concert

Yeah, we’ll see what happens with my Christmas bucket list, but hopefully it’ll be more successful than the one I compiled in 2015!

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