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    My 2017 Christmas Beauty Gift Wish List

    I don’t feel like I’ve spoken a lot about beauty recently, and that’s where my blogging roots lie. I personally am not in a place where I want to spend a small fortune on new beauty products and have been getting through some of my old products. But with Christmas coming up, I can always ask for someone to gift me some beauty sets, so I’ve created this Christmas Beauty Gift wish list (one of only two wish lists this blogmas series) to share what I think is worth picking up this season.

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    My Fragrance Wishlist: Spring 2017

    Fragrance Wishlist: Spring 2017 | Essential Twenty

    Last month I posted a selection of my beauty wants, both skincare and makeup, so I thought it would be fun to talk about my fragrance wishlist. With us being a good way through spring and pretty much into the summer months now, you’ll notice that I’ve picked a lot of floral fragrances. Heads up: I’m rubbish at describing scents! I know what I like, and have taken any descriptions I’ve attempted to make from other areas of the web.

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    Body Care Wishlist, Summer 2017

    Summer Body Care Wishlist | Essential Twenty

    I’ve finally decided, at the ripe old age of 22, that I need to up my body care game. Every birthday and Christmas I get a million body care products but never use them properly. But now I’m cracking on with it! For the past month I’ve slowly been getting more body care products into my routine, and that also means I’ve been adding to my wish list. And that’s what I’m sharing today.

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    My Recipe Book Wish List: Spring 2017

    My Recipe Book Wish List: Spring 2017 | Essential Twenty

    If you read my post all about how I meal plan, you’ll have seen a sneak peak of my recipe book collection. It may look like it’s getting out of control but I’m happy with how it’s coming along. Yes, it isn’t complete yet. My collection currently houses around 50 books from a variety of authors, but I want to expand it! A lot of sad little secrets about me are revealed in this post so keep an eye out to learn all about me (you’ll just realise how dull my life is).

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