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    Peterborough Gin Festival

    Gin Festival Peterborough | Essential Twenty

    When I turned 18, it was only natural to get my hands on every drink I could find. But gin and I were not friends. Oh no, the taste was vile! But 5 years later I realised that it was cheap gin and ordinary tonic that I wasn’t a fan of, so I’m partial to a Gordon’s and Elderflower on a weekend. For the first time ever, the Gin Festival hit my hometown and I was offered a press ticket. A night of tasting gins from around the world? I’m in!

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    A Working Trip

    A Working Trip | Essential Twenty

    The more I expand the travel section of my blog, the more I find myself sat on trains. Spending full days, and sometimes weekends, away from my designated blogging space means it’s very easy to get behind with blogging. I’ve just about got the ‘working on the road’ thing down, which is why I’m compiling my tips in this little post. I’m relating this to blogging, but there’s no reason this can’t apply to other work too!

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    Travel Miniatures For Holiday

    Travel Beauty | Essential Twenty

    Packing for a holiday is difficult. It’s super easy to overpack, and when you’re stingy like I am and refuse to pay for an extra case, it can become a real headache. I’m off to Spain in a couple of weeks and France at the end of August, and I’ve been deciding what I want to take in advance and which bits I’ll just buy once I’m there.

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    Battle of the Dry Shampoo

    Battle Of The Dry Shampoo | Essential Twenty

    I love the feeling of having clean hair, but in my job my hair is tied up every day so it seems a waste to wash it too regularly. That’s where dry shampoo comes in. What a magical can! I always have at least a couple of bottles knocking about at home and I’ve been getting through the brands trying to find my ultimate dry shampoo.

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    Too Faced Merry Kissmas

    Lip sets have definitely had their time this Christmas. Everyone has offered something this season, so there is something to suit every budget. One I struggled to get my hands on is the Too Faced Merry Kissmas set, and I totally understand why.


    Too Faced lip products are pretty pricey, but at £22 for four minis, it was too good of an offer to pass up when I spotted them back in stock at Debenhams.
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    Manchester Christmas Market

    The Manchester Christmas Market is supposedly the best in the UK (I’ve heard Birmingham for years, but recently Manchester seems to have taken over). I was hoping to go last year but an unfortunate incident meaning I was on crutches lead to me not wanting to brave the busy stalls, and I was gutted!


    In November, Jack and I hopped on the train and headed to Manchester for the day to lap up some Christmassy goodness.

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