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    Weekend Walks in Lincoln

    My weekend walks posts were going to be a weekly thing, but in the end I only did one post. Whoops? But last weekend, Jack and I headed to Lincoln for a day trip and I took a few pictures that I thought I’d share with you.


    Not the wordiest of posts, but I wanted to be able to share a few pictures somewhere and if I can’t share them on my blog, where can I?

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    Sheffield Winter Gardens

    Originally this was going to be a Valentines Weekend post but to be honest, a lot of walking and eating happened and that was about it. However, I got some gorgeous photos at Sheffield Winter Gardens last weekend and I want you all to visit.


    I was talking to my brother and his girlfriend about it that evening and they had no idea it even existed even though it’s right in the centre of town so it seems to be a bit of a hidden gem.

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    Blogmas Day 11: Leeds Christmas Market

    You know when you go to write a post and the photos were taken so long ago that you forget how pants they are? This is one of those posts, so apologies (but when I was writing this post last night I couldn’t just hop on a train and retake because I have deadlines y’know).

    Day 11

    Way, way back in November, I went to my first, and so far only, Christmas Market of the year. And it was fab. My boyfriend and I decided to go on his birthday for a gander, and it was far better than I remember it being (last time I went was almost 2 years ago). I think it helped that I went when it was dark, as opposed to it being the middle of the afternoon.

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