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    Theatre Roundup, March 2018

    Monthly Blog Round Up, March 2018 | Essential Twenty

    I’ve decided that it’s about time I give a round up of my month, because I don’t do too many life lately posts. Here I can share my favourite things that have happened throughout the month, and share which shows I’ve managed to get to (especially as it can take a little while for me to get around to reviewing them fully). Just a little update at the end of each month to talk about my life, and indulge in what’s going on around me right now, and what’s coming up in April.
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    My 2018 Theatre Plans

    A Theatre Rant: Jukebox Musicals | Essential Twenty

    2017 was the year that kick-started my love for theatre blogging, and in 2018 I have some big plans for the theatre side of Essential Twenty. Of course, a lot of my plans are currently a wish list of shows I want to see this year! So if you need some theatre inspiration for the coming year, look no further.

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    Top 5 Theatre Moments of 2017

    Top 5 Theatre Moments of 2017 | Essential Twenty

    This is a post that I had intended to publish between Christmas and new year, but I took a well-deserved blogging break instead. 2017 was the year of theatre for me. It’s the year I discovered that theatre blogging was actually a thing, and I regret not getting into it sooner. Compared to a lot of theatre bloggers, I didn’t go to that many shows in 2017 and I’m also too indecisive to choose my top shows from last year. Instead, I’m sharing my top 5 theatre moments from last year. But in no particular order, because…well, indecisive.

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    Please Transfer To The West End

    West End Transfers | Essential Twenty

    Back in the day I was an active member member of the tumblr musical theatre fandom. Over the few years that I spent my life on there I discovered some killer shows that I’m dying to see in person, and that’s what today’s post is all about – shows I wish would transfer to the West End so I can spend all my hard earned wages on them! These are all shows that are yet to hit the West End, rather than shows that would be a revival so expect to see some lesser known shows here.

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