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    Theatre Blogging Is Bloody Hard

    Opening, Previews & Closing, June 2018 | Essential Twenty

    I’ve been AWOL for most of the summer. I thought that I’d be back into the swing pretty easily after my break that involved three months travelling around the continent, but it turns out that I thought wrong. I had a day set aside at the end of August before heading back to full time work to sort myself out, but then I got really bad food poisoning which has lead to me gagging every time I walk past a certain food chain. Then when work started again I’ve had a real cba attitude when it comes to blogging. And it’s because theatre blogging is bloody hard.

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    Should You Catch Heathers At Theatre Royal Haymarket

    Heathers The Musical | Essential Twenty

    A couple of weeks before I went on holiday, I got the chance to head to The Other Palace to catch the limited engagement of Heathers The Musical. Since I booked my ticket way back when, it’s been announced that Heathers The Musical is transferring to the Theatre Royal Haymarket just down from Piccadilly Circus. But should you take the opportunity to catch the show? Continue reading

    Making Repeat Visits to Shows

    Making Repeat Visits to Shows | Essential Twenty

    Whilst I’ve never been asked this myself, I know a lot of people who have been asked why they have seen the same musical or play more than once. Now I try not to make repeat visits to show, simply so that I can broaden my theatre knowledge, but there have been a couple out there that I have made second (or third or fourth) trips to because I enjoyed them so much. And the reasoning for this varies from show to show.

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    Supporting Shows & Actors Beyond The Obvious

    Supporting Shows & Actors Beyond The Obvious | Essential Twenty

    If you’re a theatre fan, it’s very easy to get yourself caught up in a certain show, cast or individual actors. Believe me, I’ve been there (especially with the original London cast of The Book of Mormon). But sometimes you find yourself wanting to support them a little more, and there are loads of easy ways to do this.
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    Affording Theatre: How I Do It

    Affording Theatre | Essential Twenty

    A lot of people in my life, whether it’s my work colleagues, family or people on the internet, ask me how on earth I afford going to the theatre as much as I do. Whilst I shouldn’t have to justify how and why I spend my money on what I do, I know that some people want to know how I manage to get to as many shows as I do. Affording theatre is never going to be cheap, but there are always get arounds! Continue reading

    Theatre Roundup, May 2018

    Theatre Roundup, May 2018 | Essential Twenty

    Compared to April, May was a pretty quiet month. I think the fact that I was back at work definitely had something to do with it! This month I caught one play, five musicals and two concerts which is still pretty good going, but also far less exhausting than April was. It also meant this theatre roundup was much quicker to write up because there was nowhere near as much to talk about!

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