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    Life Update #3: The One Where I Learn To Love Social Media Again

    Life Update #3: The One Where I Learn To Love Social Media Again | Essential Twenty

    As I mentioned in Thursday’s post, I’m scared about asking for a fee to write. Heck, I’m worried because I don’t know where this blog is going. All I know is that I enjoy it, and want to expand. I’ve used Instagram again over the past couple of weeks, when I’ve barely touched it all year. I’m pinning useful images for my planned European adventure. Honestly, I’m falling back in love with social media. But the problem is, I don’t remember falling out of love with it in the first place.

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    Life Update #2: The One Where I’m Feeling Overwhelmed

    Life Update #2: The One Where I'm Feeling Overwhelmed | Essential Twenty

    As I got off the phone with Jack on Monday night, I just started crying. For someone who is a regular reacher into a pack of tissues (or loo roll) to wipe away my tears, I realised that I’ve not cried in a really long time. Not properly anyway. After a couple of days of soulsearching, I think I’ve sussed it. Quite simply, I’m feeling overwhelmed.

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    Life Update #1: The One Where I Joined The Gym

    Life Update #1: The One Where I Joined The Gym | Essential Twenty

    My life seems to be work, eat, blog, sleep, repeat. All the time. But not anymore, oh no. I said that I want to see more of the world, heck, I just want to see more of the country! Oh, and definitely write about my experiences too. That means that if I rely on my life experiences to fill out my blog I have to keep experiencing things right? Well that’s what I’m here to do on Sundays from here on in if I’ve got anything of note to tell you. And it’s all starting with me joining the gym. Yes, you read that correctly – I joined the gym!

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    Why I Can’t Just ‘Travel’

    Las Vegas: Why I Can't Just Travel | Essential Twenty

    This wasn’t the post I had scheduled for today but I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past couple of weeks. Next summer I am hopefully going interrailing and as this post goes live I’ll be thinking about heading back from spending a few days in France. In the lead up I’ve been reading a lot of advice for travelling more, because of course it’s something I’d like to do. Everyone wants to travel! However, I don’t follow any of these tips. Not really.

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    Why I’m Moving Away From Beauty Blogging

    Giving Up Beauty Blogging | Essential Twenty

    I’ve been blogging for over two years now (I sort of missed my anniversary on my actual blog but I do have a giveaway on my twitter if you’re interested in entering) and since day one my content has been pretty beauty driven. However, as I’m now in full time employment I don’t have time to play around with makeup all the time, so with the exception of the impulse purchases I infrequently make, I am moving more into the lifestyle realm.

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    Grandad | Essential Twenty

    Disclaimer: I wrote this post the day after I found out about the situation and have not read it back. I can’t bring myself to. I’m okay now (considering) and we are starting to plan the funeral so we’re getting there. I’ve been quiet but I’ll be back to my usual self over the next week or so.

    A couple of months ago I found myself reading Hannah Gale’s blog (nothing uncommon, it’s a regular occurrence in my weekly goings on) and came across this post. Hannah shared her experience of grieving with someone with dementia, and after finding out that my maternal grandfather had passed away late Saturday night after suffering with the same illness for the past few years, I wanted to share my feelings about losing my grandparent to the disease.

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